There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, August 31, 2009

my work station

my friend's table behind her

my architect zul.....

another spaces in office

my table and architect hav discussion

Sunday, August 30, 2009

happy merdeka (independent day)

sorry not updated my blog

tonight i'm a bit ok from very very bad fever. its really high fever i got today. i reeally sorry because i'm not update my blog since a few days ago. i hav personal prblm and try to not mix up with office work. i'm enjoy with work at office so i dont want feel stress when i'm at office. my experience b4 teach me a lot, n i must control my pressure. thats why this weekend, try to make it out and release that pressure. yeah i'm happy for that alhough i'm a bit stress.

maybe my mind to much thinking, i need more relax and so same time, kl's weather not so good because at morning is rainy, afternoon very hot and evening is heavy rain. i bought umbrella but still got fever. so today is the bad day in my life especially in ramadhan. i'm still fasting at afternoon and got bad fever around 10am, i cant wake up, even the temperature is high. i just sleep and try sleep, but my brain really like wanna explode. its dangerous. i know i must break my fasting and take medicine, but i must think maybe is the test from God.

lucky today, i done my laundry and a bit relax. so around 7pm, suddenly my body feel better, maybe i wait time to break my fasting around 724pm. normally if i got bad fever with high temperature, i will vomit. if i'm not vomit, i will become worst. so after break my fasting, my mind really become worst, can't stand a nd cant walk. i feel wanna vomit...ooooohh i go to kicthen, and i'm vomit. after that my body sweat and feel better. then i went to clinic and i'm laughing with doctor, because i'm sweat a lot.....hahhaha... because b4 that i really got bad fever. the doctor gave me medicine, and maybe i will not fasting tomorrow. i need to make sure my body is better. my mother also allowed to me to not fasting tomorrow. yahoooo....will take medicine and hope will better soon.

n today i bought mask because i'm worry about H1N1.yeah i dont care about H1N1, but after i got bad fever, i think its better hav mask..i'm wearing the mask when i'm at my room. because worry someone will get my fever. i'm 90% healthy now. thanks god.

so the important things make sure u met doctor and got medicine when u pain, wearing mask, drink a lot of water and get enough rest. so sorry if i'm not update my blog. take care

Friday, August 28, 2009

unrated story

i know some people dont like i put a lot photo of me, i dont hav choice actually. i dont like write something without photo. some people only wanna see the photo and dont like to read the article. so to make i balance i must put photo and at same time i must write something. thats the trick in writing in blog.

i love to play with my expression of face, hahha someone call me "sunshine", yeah i love the light from sun, its make my colour skin more real like gold. the tone of colour. a few year ago, i hate with my colour skin, because i love white colour, after i'm growth become 24 years old....i realize every one hav thier own or advantage or specialty. so i love my skin, brown. hehhe but still love white person la. hahah

this time i will write about a secret. b4 i'm jobless a few month ago. i'm worry a bit. maybe i'm smart guy, the last salary i got i bought to bottle shower gel, soap, 2 big toothpaste, 2 toothbrush, 4 kind of biscuit, 1 packet of maggie in my cupboard. so the miracle is......after i used all that thing for a few month, finally i got the job. do u think if i prepared the stock for 1 years, i will get the job after 1 year? hahhaha.

so the good things is planning urself well because we dont know what happen at future. now i need saving money again. i think thats important. i know i lost much money b4 because i borrowed my money to someone,although i'm not working then they never pay me back. i dont like to force people to pay back and call them many time, because the cost to call them also need to count. anyways, one day the karma law will happen to them at future.

honestly, in jobless time i borrowed from my sister RM400,my friend Rm450 and my brother Rm500, and of course my father. lucky my friend said no need to pay that, just a help for my life. thanks very much.lucky i hav part time b4, at least not too much. so family is important when u hav good time and also difficult i'm smart and well planning. thanks god i got job now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

memory never deleted in my mind with someone great to me

actually since last week, i'm a bit sad and i try to not thinking about it too much. i make myself busy and work hard. but i just a human, hav feeling sad, lonely and alone too. for me to forget someone great and nice in my life is very difficult even to people do bad thing on me. too because i hav good memory for every person came in my life.

tomorrow is my friend's birthday, Luigi from italy. those read all my blog, u will know how much i love him as my friend. pity he was died in sleep at one morning a few month ago. we have a lot of planning in business and i also renovate his apartment house at italy. i knew him and his friend from this blog, after he left message asked me to show around kl. its was nice time. i wish he still alive until now. many bad guy at outside, but he too young and kind to died early. only God know.

those people knew what happen between us b4..... i really salute to him...wish he stay good at his world now. i miss him as my friend and happy birthday r mamamia......;-(. i'm sad n crying now.

republish (27 december 2008) weekend with italian friend

nice meeting with luigi n matteo from italy. lovely, happening n kindly. i know n like a little bit italy language....."jungle" ," aldo", "basta", "mama mia". wish i can meet both of u again. luigi was found my blog, leave me a massage , n we start chat via msn, so we meet n make friend. thats nice n both of u

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ramadhan kareem

today is 4th day we fasting at malaysia. so still hav another 26 day to fasting. welcome ramadhan kareem. one thing nice when ramadhan coming, time for be good with God, hav many food at bazaar, celebrate idulfitri and meet all friend n relative at home. i love ramadhan. hope i will do the best thing in this month.

part of view's kl

nice treatment for air-condition

my latest photo......2 days ago

evening b4 bald of the head

last week is really hectic week for me,many work to do and also sleepy. so thats friday, i'm a bit late go out from office because hav some work to print, and bring some office work at home doing at weekend. i must do it something at home because we will fasting, i dont want my mind stop thinking. its make me crazy later. hahhah in ramadhan, many can happen.

so i'm lucky too because only today not rainy, most the time last week, heavy rain every evening. so with the nice sunset i walked in old kuala lumpur city with nice shophouse to find barber shop. my favourite barber shop actually close to chinatown by indian barber shop.

its not grand barber shop, just simple and low profile. i love that because sometime u need privacy and silent area to cut ur hair. so i asked the barber clean all my hair on face except my 'eyebrow". hhehe i love that. some photo take b4 i bald my head, after i bald my head, the rain start again. so rushing the time to go night market b4 fasting start tomorrow. then terawih pray at madrasah at night.

on saturday, wake up early around 4am for breakfast with house at restaurant, after that continue office work at home until 11am because i wanna make laughdry at frien's house. normally i clean all my clothes by hand since 5 years ago i'm in kl. yeah sometime use machine, but i dont like to go dobi shop. so see!!! im so patient...huhuh...but this week i'm lazy to make laundry because last 2 or 3 week, i always go back hometown, so bring dirty clothes to hometown. thanks for John again, hahah allowed me to use his washing machine. clothes clean...but finished around 830pm. so i break fasting at 1st day with cooking with Jammie, John's housemate. we make french toast, hot dog, and watermelon juice. rushing to 7 eleven, bring the bread, egg and hot dog. its simple but really really nice. Jammie and me so enjoyed it. cooking time together and i'm waiting my laundry finished. so last weekend is really nice for me. 1st time working at office, 1st time break fasting at friend's house and cooking too.

pay promised to the God

difficult for me to find time to update my blog now, i hope everyone can be patient, i promise will always update my blog with latest story and nice photo. i bald my head again. a few week b4 i attend interview or got job, i promise with my God, on the way to hometown last time. i said, oh my God, i promise u if i got job i will bald my head again as my sacrifise for . if i'm working until my probation and become permenant staff, i will bald my head too. so after a week i got job, and now i already work for 1 week. then i feel something not happy, finally i really i must bald my head. after cut all my hair again, i feel so happy, now time for me for work smart and become good workers. thats my promise. i love hav hair and hope later i will hav long hair.

hope i'm look ok or not? hahhaha.somtime i love or miss my long hair with hair gel.hmmmm after next year with new style.

power of "my" love

in this life, hav many thing happen but we never realize that. sometime its happen to me. we dont like this, we dont like that, dont like them and bla bla bla..but why not we try and explore thats thing which make barrier between us.

i know some people dont like celine dion song even her too. but she only a human, sing a song made by someone and entertain us, entertain someone in love, happy or sad. for example i love create poem when i'm sad, happy n miss someone. if i can create song, of course its more nicer. honestly, i'm growth up, find something never happen to me, something can make me more mature, responsible, strong and good man.

i think to share love with someone which is we dont know the right person or not is the process in life. its risk n dangerous sometime, but like a song said "dont say no" if we not explore or try. unless we not regret at future. come n go through the lyric......

I hav love before,
Now i loving you,
I throw my previous love far away,
Now i only want you.

I was alone
I felling lonely,
Although, full laugh at mouth,
But my heart still lonely.

Dont say no,
Before we not try yet,
Who know, we are the same,
Your heart and my heart,
A lot people in love,
for many years but break too,
i hope be with you
Although is short time
Our love is endless forever.

the lyric is really nice....who know with power of love, if we not try right? i always waiting that time because i'm still single until now. so celine dion hav a lot of collection of love song. like i love you, my heart will go on, power of love n so on. i'm not fanatic of the celine dion, but i love the lyric behind the song. sometime not all sentimental song hav great n loving lyric, but also other kind music too. i love listen the song from different way. i believe everyone hav their own favourite song which is can be a theme song at every part in their memory.

for example my friend and me very close for long time ago, when we go somewhere by car, we open radio n listen the music. and everytime we in the car together even with others friend, we always listen same song in radio not from cd its like miracle. so everytime i listen that song, i always listen my best friend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

live from office

now time for lunch.just stay at office n will start job after 30 minute. 1st time write blog from office, i done my work today, so happy because my bos like it. will start another work later, hope can sleep more tonight. i really sleepy, love to spend time and sleep.

however, in office now, they play idulfitri song, make me sad and miss my family. we called Selamat Hari Raya. after a month fasting in ramadhan. so, lovely song, make me felt bad, thinking of my father and mother...i did many mistake b4.....wanna say sorry for them. i love my family anyway.

we will continue write later. i love all of you

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sory for not update blog

thanks to everyone waiting new posting or visited my blog. i'm quite busy at office and no latest photo to share or story about it. i hav good n great time at office, with a few project and urgent. so most the time i spent at office and home. luckly my friend , John and sharifuddin invited me for dinner b4 ramadhan. so this photo actually i took when i'm waiting John, because he trapped in traffic jammed. so just walked around Jalan Ipoh, a lot of old shop house and look nice.

maybe i can suggest here to malaysian architect board or malaysia government to make new option or law, to allow any architect firm to take any old shop house, renovate and maintenance that building, make office there and stay there without rent every month but the architect firm must make sure that building still good forever. its like a parent take a baby, feed that baby, take care of that baby until the baby become a good person. so why not its good idea for government and also architect firm. i'm sure we can see many old Chinese shop house still maintain like at singapore. maybe we can call an area like architect centre or architect its nice for kuala lumpur.

any way, talking about dinner, i hav nice dinner at kg baru with john, and i ate satay with sharifuddin at "AU keramat", its nice, the satay is different with kajang satay. new taste and delicious. i love it too. hahha i love working at my office, i explore many thing and i learn many thing too. all my office mate are marriage so, sharp at 6pm they go back to home.