There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

birthday boys

confusing........ sory if i make everyone confuse about my article. actually i was cancelled my trip to hometown for interview, because i think its better for me stay in kl..i'm sure the god will give me a chance to work here. so i really thanks to Usop (my housemate) , my family and myself because understand me, believe on me to make right decision.

i'm still young, i must explore and be strong. its not mean i hate my family..i just need learn how to survive for future. i know that company at terengganu need workers asap, but after i think much i'm not available to give my skills there because i dont hav car for transport and quite difficult for me later there.

i did my industrial training at terengganu b4 when i study at university, i know how much hard for me to go back home after finish work at office. yeah most public transport at terengganu will close at 530pm or 6pm. then i finish work around 530 or 600pm. how i can catch the bus at bus station? of course imposible. thats why i think be strong....although my family said hav solution. they always said, but when i need help always bla bla bla. hahhaha

so i convince them..i promise with them will find job soon. maybe many people think i just relax, dont do anything at kl, just for fun....its not truth...everyday i find the job, send resume and so on. i'm wanna be good guy. i promise if i got job..i will never forget everyone which is help me b4. still hunting.... i celebrate y birthday early because my friend will departure to copenhagen, denmark. so thats why,i just spent time with them at Yogitree, Garden, Midvalley. its was accidently actually. not my planning. so with small cake..i'm really happy. i'm birthday boy. hahha. i love all of u. pray for me to get job ok.

Monday, June 29, 2009

fall in love with korean song

i love the music arrangement although i only understand " i promise u", " i can't love you", and " hi deep in heart hold me now cause i miss u babe" in the song. very interesting

Sunday, June 28, 2009

please forgive me

seems the sky look bright n no more cloud. i'm happy. sometime i can't explain what my heart i using poem, music to explain it.

i knew this song for long time ago...only now i can relate my situation with my life. nice song with superb lyric. nice

happy birthday 3rd of july...birthday boy 24 years old

only one wish i hope here for my 24th years blog become 5000 view or visitor later. i know everyone wanna spent time their special time with someone close with them....but i dont hav choice actually. still single and lonely. just with family n wish i hav better future .i love u..thanks to those loving and care me.

don't be sad

3 weeks i'm in kl..i learned many thing although its hard for me. not all happy, sometime really make me disappointed. when i writing this article...i'm on the way to back hometown because i have interview at terengganu. so i'm in hurry to find ticket and settle everything b4 i leaving kl. i dont know when i will come back to kl, i hope soon.

i have hard time at hometown, which is teach me become thankful what i hav in kl. freedom. freedom of lifstyle, freedom of friend to talk, freedom to moving, freedom to close with someone i like. but thats only hope when i come to kl, until now i'm still not meet anyone just tj and patrick.

honestly from my deep heart, i come back to kl with new hope to find new life nothing at all. everyone want better life, with thier partner, lover, friend even close friend. same like me, if i can meet everyone i loved in kl its a bonus.

one week i'm in kl, i'm so happy because i connecting with internet again. writing and update blog. but for 2nd week at kl, the internet blocked because my housemate not pay it. i can't force them to pay it. so i really lost because i must do something to forget about bad thing. my mind 24 hour always thinking, that's why i went to bookstore, i walk alone in city. i really frustrated. then i start thinking lonely. my internet only connected yesterday, but today i on my way to disappointed. so hard to say.

i broke heart b4, again and again, but i never give up. for this time i more close to God, read a lot of book, zikir and so on. i'm happy. i'm strong, but from deep my heart i dont want hurt anybody. although its hard to say. i dont want put myself in a junction of life. no ways to go and nothing.

i left this article because i wanna say...i love all of u..even i miss u all of u very deeply. i'm not mad even not so frusterated. i'm happy now because i love myself.


old photo never show b4..

Friday, June 26, 2009

memory will never stop until u stop breathing

kind of heart.....when in stress or depress

hazing in kl now.....

nowdays, kl look terible with hazing everyday. u can see the different kl view now and previos. hope everything can be better soon.

1st company for interview

i hav many thing to write here after my internet at home was blocked because some other shousemate not pay it. until now i hav 3 interview. one close to taman desa, 2nd at bukit jalil and another at kg attap.
i like at kg attap because its funny, happening and make me strong rather than 2 company b4. maybe chinese company. i'm not racist, but its seems hard to get interview with them. yeah this photo actually i took at secret recipe at taman desa. i was arrived 1 hour early, so no malay restaurant or india muslim restaurant, so i just order ice lemon tea.
nice pray for me to get job soon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

built a mosque

a week in kl, i feel so relax, enough rest and strong. checking photo in my computer, hav some photo n with something to share. and tonight so feel free to write again. yeah feeling sad, lonely and bored at home because fighting with myself..what the best thing should do for my life, family, friend and future. yeah i will become 24 years old soon.

some people run from me, hide from me. then when i shared to my friend, i got nothing now in my life. but my friend told me..."ariff u hav urself". do something the break up the barrier which is blocked urself to be excellent. i know we can planned well but the only God make decision. but The God also never take ur hand, and show which way u should go or do,so the best thing is believe with urself...the rest the God will help u.i hope too

one the way to bus station at Kuala Terengganu city, i'm lucky because the bus choose to use Sultan Mahmud bridge, so i can snap the cristal mosque from the bridge. its look wonderful and beautiful with sunset view. look nice it is? the new icon for Terengganu at Taman Tamadun Islam, Terengganu.

talking about mosque, i'm still remember when i finish study at secondary school, my dream is become an architect, will built a mosque. so when i'm died, people come to my mosque, pray and i got bonus from God. so at the end of world, the God will ask me...What u do in the world, ariff? I'm design mosque my lord. sound nice right? thats my real dream n wish.

beside that of course i also hav "love monkey story", hahaha. i'm study at technical school, i just like one girl and his father very famous architect at malaysia. i must become architect too. finally she already mariaged. thats only kids story.

honestly i'm not happy stay at hometown, its not worst, just i dont hav anyone to talk, to share my prblm. lucky someone called and sms me everyday when i'm at hometown. many crisis, many prblm.....make me life tired. i'm not run from hometown, but i come to Kl with a hope, i can do something for myself.

thats why, when i feel bored now in kl,i must remember how bored myself at hometown. so pls be thankfull. when i feel lonely in kl, i must remember how lonely i'm at hometown. again, thankfull u in kl not hometown anymore. thats why when my friend asking me, r u ok ariff? i must pretend to be ok, because i dont want people worry about me.

but if i keep doing that, i will more hurt next time. what can i do, no choice. happy when can make people smile n happy although difficult for myself to be happy. i just want use the time i hav with something good.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i promise u

i love this song and keep repeat anytime at home. although i'm not understand the language, but i love the arrangement of music. sometime i make my own lyric, about love, friendship, heart broken, and something else. maybe i can say, music from south of korea really intelligent. thats why, one of our famous song composer at malaysia, learn about music at south korea.

Monday, June 15, 2009

tok bali boat jetty

after sent my sister to her husband's house, my father bring us to Tok Bali boat jetty because its close from our brother in law house. so i remember about one of my friend, boat jetty for his final project at university. look nice place with good sun. love to honeymoon here, i means rest, relax after work hard for wedding day. my father n mother also hav good mood. seems cheer n funny in car. yeah its lovely place to visit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

send my sister to her husband house at kelantan

finally wedding episode finish in my life. after sent my sister at her husband, we all feeling so happy because thats the end of custom we must do. unbelieveable i fall in love with my sister husband's village. i love the panorama. the view is great. even his house in the middle of paddy's field.

oh my god, this world really nice. i took some photo, i love them. so lucky because can see this thing. very relax, harmony, nice sky even friendly villages.with the coconut tree, its look perfect. yeah his house clothes to beach.superb view. very nice.....