There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, April 30, 2009

life and bargain place at chinatown

chinatown n tang lung

florist at chinatown

i love flower so much especially rose. if i hav my own house i like to buy or spent money to buy rose n put in glass vase. so will put at dining table. so every week i change it. hmmm lovely. honestly although i'm a guy, i wish someone gave me a bouquet rose like i got when graduation 2 years ago. lovely time. here some photo about cheap florist in kl. they provide flower for birthday, graduation, marriage, someone died, n so on......i love rose n orchid.

ariff is a traveller

standard charted tower at behind

long time ago, many people dont like what i did, took myself photo. like horrible and creepy. then after long time, i found that many of my friend did the same thing with me now. hahah so funny. n now some people say u done hav a good job.thanks for the thing i really happy because my best friend told me, " ariff now i can see u clever n good in taking photo". i'm so happy because b4 this he always blame me about photo. honestly i'm still learning. learning to snap a good photo.

honestly i'm easy get bored and stress. so the only way i like to do is walk around and snap photo. i'm quite lonely this day, no more activity just at home n gym. love to go beach, waterfall, mountain, in the bush, forest and so on. i'm lucky because i'm stay in kl. many thing nice look nice. u can see from my photo. the colour, the people, the trees and so on.many place in kl actually hav thier own with me. its my secret.
p. ramlee road, kl

sometime if i'm sharing here people will understood, so its goo
d for me to keep it as my secret. different people hav different thinking. i'm sure if my father and mother read and look at my blog, they will proud of me even i know i put some sexy photo. it is sexy? not really. sometime when i go to beach or waterfall i just wear underwear. its like normal to me although i'm from malay culture.

its about u n ur heart, see with sexual of course will make u crazy, but if u see the photo from another part, i'm sure its normal. so last week is very beautiful week. i'm happy.

waiting the traffic light, in front swiss garden

puduraya area

in front nando's restaurant, close to chinatown

on the way to chinatown

walking to bukit bintang

swiss garden

cut the budget only ice lemon tree from mamak restaurant...its nice when u r realy thirsty with hot weather
public transport very n relax

inside central market

...i went for interview 29th april 09


finally go to basic or go back to normal. after long time i using back my phone to take photo. still good using after for a long time. only certain people know my interview today, because i wanna make it secret. yup, i went to interview today at id company close to ampang park or opposite citibank building. the building call megan avenue block B. i was nervous and really funny because i forget thsi company name and i dont know what job i apply in my email. its not means i'm not ready, i just confuse n nervous. maybe i'm not working for a long time.

when i'm ready to go to this company, suddenly heavy rain outside, its really surprised me...really heavy rain and i dont know why. i become more nervous because i will late n no umbrella. i'm lucky because my roommate wanna go to digital mall at pj, so i he invite me to jump in his car and send me at train station. so i safely arrived at ampang park station. from there i walk to company, lucky the rain not start yet....when i'm arrived at the company, the rain start at so beautiful day. thanks god.

when i'm enter in the office, my senior already inside meeting room for interview. so surprised because i know him...he just finished his part 2 at University Malaya, so i'm sure he will get chance to work there as design architect. i just apply for interior design or assistant architect. so to use empty time, i open my phone and snap the office's amazing very nice. lucky because b4 i come to this office,i listen Korean song at this office open instrumental song at lobby , so nice,lovely office, happening.....its like continue of my feeling from house to the company. so here i took some photo for memory. i love this company.i only can wish hav chance to work here. the interview is good and everything ok. they say, the decision took about 1 or 2 week, maybe hav 2nd interview. so i'm ready for anything.
hav look the photo...honestly its nice.

i'm not take lunch b4 interview, see the doughnut....hmmm lovely..but its fake one

me n another meeting room at behind

filing room and sexy girl in that room, can wear anything clothes for this company

filing room at behind

dunkin doughnut, magazine m conceptual wall...with reflect glass n clear glass

nice chair, with nice trees..half white trunk

noughty smile

hmm...waiting the senior's interview finish

lovely counter make from glass ....good id

my senior inside with interviewer