There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

memorial portrait on coins

memorial portrait on coins........every country have their own coins. that's the ways to know their own country or civilization or government. like great Britain, famous with Elizabeth u remember lady Diana? she also have her own coins. i like to be a part of them, because people will know me, from that memory. here i put some example coin to make u more understand.

Monday, March 30, 2009

3000.......and memory

1st of all, i would like to thanks to everyone visited my blog since i started Dec 2007.Today, my blog become hit 3000. thanks to everyone help me. Honestly many story n memory happen on me. Sad,happy,fun,laughing, crying and so on. People come n go leaving me, but one person will never come back to say hi to me is Luigi. One of my best friend at Italy. He is my close friend, until now i'm still not believe, he passed away last 2 month. leave about that, i dont want cry anymore when thinking about him.

Thousand of smile, photo, view, people, and memory recorded in this blog. No price for that. i have bad day in my life,but i met many people to make my day happy n valuable. then i found best friend also enemy. i don't mind, n i accepted all this things as journey of life. Sometime its hurts me, but its good to stand again when u down. i love my family, they support me always. thanks also my all my friend, especially my university mate, my internet friend, my ex lover or ex best friend. i love u all n never forget all of u.

I got many advise from many people. especially taxi driver, auntie n uncle at street, in chatting, blogger, also my friend too. a long time ago, i really dont know how to look smart or nice like today, but i learn , go gym and of course always try the best in my life. I know, many people blame on me, criticism me, always make me feel down, but i dont care, as long as i'm happy. i appreciate that. its nice when people take care of you. read your article n take the good thing in my blog and learn from that. i always say to people, please smile can make everyone comfortable n close to you.

Conclusion from the whole blog, i can decide, "THE LIGHT ALWAYS WILL LIGHTING YOUR HEART, FACE, FUTURE, FEELING, AND YOUR LIFE IF YOU HAVE A GOOD HEART". so we must honest,kind, gentleman, tell the truth although its hard for u sometime.

i choose the best photo i took by myself since i start the blog. so honestly i love u all, n i never hate everyone although some from all of u dont like me, try to put distance, even say bad thing to me. i'm not perfect because i also human which is hav feeling, and heart.finally, i wanna say i love you, come closer with me, advise me, care me life your best friend.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

orchid and some advice "petua" to take care of it

Orchid is a nice plant, pamper n difficult to take care. the orchid flower look so beautiful and colourful and also hav smell, depend on what kind orchid u hav. i hav some advise to share, i got it from my mother because she love orchid, at my house at hometown.....we hav alot of type of orchid. the prblm is after the government wanna take our land to resize the main road, we move orchid to another place, they will gonna died. if i dont hav any job at kl later, maybe i will go hometown soon n will look at them because my mother tired already.

so here some advise for everyone which is love the orchid.

1. If your orchid going to die, don't cut or throw it , because the system orchid's body still alive, u just need to inverted the orchid (refer to the photo) , I'm sure after 2 or 3 week, new born orchid will come out n u can cut the new born orchid and move to another vase. My suggestion is make sure the new born orchid really strong and mature b4 u move to another vase. maybe u can do that after 1.5 month or 2 month.

2. If u cooking rice everyday, u can use the 1st washout rice's water for the orchid. my mother told me, that water good for orchid because its make the root cooler n encourage them to growth. n of course water also good for plant. try to use the 1st or 2nd washout rice's water 3 time per a week, u will see the orchid will better soon.

3. In Malay culture, we always eat fish. nobody like the smell of fish when cleaning process at kitchen. this also one advise, when u clean the fish at sink or kitchen with blood, try to collect 1st washout fish's water and give it to orchid. the orchid not only need the organic fertilizer and sometime also need nutrient. the salt from fish really good for the orchid. u can try....believe me its working. u can do this thing 1 time per a week or 1 per 2 week. i dont want ur orchid will died.

4. we always cooking nasi lemak at home. i'm sure everyone know small fish in the nasi lemak cuisine called ikan bilis. b4 we cooking, of course at home we choose the ikan bilis (fish) from the dustof ikan bilis. don't throw the dust of ikan bilis, but use the dust to orchid, put on the carbon, because its good for root also.u can do this thing 1 time per a week or 1 per 2 week.

5. hanging the orchid also good way for them. most orchid is parasit plant. they stay on branch of tree n so on n not on ground. most of them found on tree. so hanging the orchid because its good for ventilation. i means for the root n also plant too. if u put the orchid on ground/ earth, the snail will eat the root n your orchid will died. snail is one of orchid enemy. so i suggest all of u put the orchid hanging. even if u wanna plant it on ground , dont forget to put carbon too. orchid n carbon very close each other.

6. maybe the last advise is quite funny, but u can try. orchid is very sensitive plant, pamper n need time to take care like a baby. if u hav time,spent a little bit time with orchid n singing for them. i'm sure when u wanna give to water for orchid, u can singing for them. any kind of music. its really help them to growth. my mother try b4, n i tried too. why not all of u try too.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

enjoy the day without light

today, i wake up today with one hope, i must strong n always positive. i don't care with others comment or blame as long as i know myself and i love myself. so clean the room, go gym n start my friend's car. i really confident n drive the car 3 time at my friend house. its lovely. i think driving is good for me because i forget my problem, just concentrate with driving, break n so on. yahooo..i can driving now. still no license.i will do it later.then i run go home because waiting 830pm for earth hour.but just celebrate alone. enjoy taking photo n see many light off. look nice.....we all love earth. happy earth hour to everyone.

earth hour 830pm at malaysia

b4 830pm....the light at klcc,midvalley, kl tower still open

after 830pm, no more light from famous building in kl

sometime crying is good when u hav prblm.........

nothing to say, i know every problem have solution. sometime we don't know how to tell people what we felt. its pain......only wish i feel better soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

hit 3000, identity card, ear phones....i'm chubby a little bit

my blog will become hit 3000 soon, its really make me happy. i know my blog not so famous, but to get 3000 hit, its not easy. everyday u must update with new story, sometime i put sexy photo because try to get attraction from reader and viewer. u will get bored with something same everyday, hahha. some advise, fun, love to share here.i started blog actually as my hobbies, then its become a routine for me. its teach me a lot, so must read to get information. i really like read actually. in my family only me like to spend time at old newspaper, just only to read. my mother told me, i followed my uncle's attitude because he also like read any book even newspaper. i love reading because its make ur mind working to think, analysis, n make i hope my blog will become 3000 hit asap. come one babe.....

when i quite job at rda harris, i'm lose many weight, n look thin, after 3 week...hmmmm i'm look chubby a little bit although i went to gym everyday. maybe i'm happy n enough rest sleep. i'm look chubby or not? hhahaa.hope still ok.

talking about earphones, my earphones is my best friend, anywhere i go, i always use earphones to listen music, even i'm not listen music.i got new identity card after my chip at identity card having problem. i means its not function. so i make new identity card at maluri, i went there because that only close register office last time from my office. now i got new one. but pity..they put bad photo. they suppose have good camera n good system to take photo. i'm so happy, n now i can use my card.

chandelier collection 4

chandelier collection 3

its look like a diamond...last time i worked as diamond designer, its hard work, because u need to be creative. its nice actually.....even more nice if u see ur design in front of u.another chandelier at my friend's house. took the photo for memory

Bukit Bintang, Pavillion

Last week, i went to bukit bintang and pavillion because i wanna put my friend's letter in his post box. Bukit Bintang n Pavillion is my non favourite place to go because too crowded with people also many crazy people there. i know its nice place, but sometime u should be pretend to be great person......macho man, even u can see many people wear stylish tshirt n crazy hair.

many sexy girl, many drama queen, many girlish man even macho n sexy girl. its all fake, because for me i like the natural one. without make up, simple in arhcitecture we called minimilize. i dont need someone rich but less attitude, proud, arrogant, stubborn n crazy -crazy think. thats why when i went to bukit bintang, i got headache because see all kind people like this. honestly i like peace, nature, green, harmony n safe place. not noisy place with smoke even too much people. i always try to not come this place even many attract things here, like food, clothes, restaurant n people too. i think our government should do something to make sure the road system will better next time, also bad bad hotel there because the only need money with rent that hotel for sex services n dont care about cleaniness even the "malaysia".

mazda 6......hmmm lovely

this day i just spent my time only at home, gym n friend's house. Everday i'm writing a novel, design friend's house, read some new n also looking another job. Still jobless, but i think its ok for this time. relax n rest because i dont want do mistake anymore choose wrong company. one thing nice. yesterday i helped Mat, one of photographer at cheras medical centre, close to maluri or pgrm tower. Tj was introduce Mat for me, if he need assistant working with him. i got the chance yesterday, its nice work, but quite difficult n tired when try to get good angle. yeah i followed him with his car mazda 6. wow so nice. i always mad Tj, if he drive the car with fast, but i think for mazda 6, i dont mind. hahhaha. its great car. i love it but i'm sure not afford for that.

i'm sure many people crazy with this car. when i went to Singapore, most Singaporean use this car. maybe cheap n good. i think for comfortable, its yes. for racing also good. i'm lucky actually hav chance to sit in that car. so nice...believe me, u should try.

we arrived at cheras medical center around 7pm. most patient already back home, 1st experience with site photoshoot seems very interesting. i helped Mat setting the lamp,its hard actually. if u wanna become good photographer, u must get experience 1st. Mat i think he try best thing to shoot photo. so pity look at him, sit on floor, and stand to get best shoot. honestly when i look at Mat, he 80% look like my cousin, Alif Nazri. my cousin study in army, but he so serious person, i hate him. hahha we are in same ages, but different personality. sometime he good in jokes. so Mat hav some attitude with my cousin. hahha so easy for me to get chemistry. thats not important to me, i just need chance n gain experience from him. thanks again for Mat. u r so cool bro.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

yahoo...i'm driving finally

since 2 week ago, i just started my friend's car, reverse behind n driving in front.i'm not brave to drive on the real road....i'm worry about accident n this is not my car. i always put in my heart...u can do it one day at future.with Peugeot 206 i just reverse n drive in front every week. i love this car....of course its my dream car.but i'm still dont hav lisence, hehehe.

proudly to announce i'm driving this car yesterday on road around my friend's house. i'm safe drive n safe also for parking. hahha lol. i'm still suprised n still not believe i can driving. thanks God., because give me confident. yeah its lovely right when driving. last time i told to my housemate, why car always control me when i try to drive, but i control the car. i win finally. so lovely. maybe i will try next time again. i love driving. one thing i did mistake is, i'm not use sit belt when driving hahaha because too excited.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what ur opinion...its embarassing if u contact back ur ex lovely friend or ex lover?

i felt embarrassing me...but at least its make you feel something different like b4.

Monday, March 23, 2009

sory to tj,patrick and luigi......thanks because understand me

Regarding my article "When you're gone", i really meant that n i will never delete it. one day when i read again that article, i will thinking all my friend especially tj, patrick n luigi. sory if i use rough ur rude word. when u miss someone even they r died or still alive, u will feel its hard time n a little bit suffer. the only way i can express myself n heart is only write on my blog. its lovely song, n hope its also lovely article.

i like to taking some sentences from my novel " Apa khabar Mamamia?" thats sentences say like this

"Please go and meet him, maybe this is the last change for u to make him happy, maybe tomorrow and next time he not in this world anymore, so u will regret in ur life. Use the time u have with doing something benefit for u even a memory for u n u will never regret forever."

when i remember this sentences, fastly i sms all my friend which is i miss them. i cant stop myself to miss someone nice, kind, honest n care me.but when i read again, i feel guilty because i should not think like that. friendship is friendship, even its will become memory forever. honestly i wanna say sorry if someone get hurt when read that article .

my point is never give up to say love or miss with someone u love or like .although they r only ur friend. sorry again........i miss u..........

hot air balloon 2