There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, February 27, 2009

the 1st oil painting

actually i try to find the photo, i'm not record, finally i realize i already put in my blog b4. its nott clear photo, i will find soon n put here later. so its nice for me.why? hav look n see. ahhahah lol.....i called UNITED because we need united in everything, move together, love together, care together. then the world n life will save n peace. so even u black, chinese or malay, indian, caucasian n orang asli, we must love each other to become good person n community.

u can click at photo, n u will see more detail...hehhe so sexy n hot.

the malay house in an orchard

since 4 year ago, i hav task in art class in my class. even we hav many task n very interesting. thats time i only do any task just follow my heart.i love painting n i dont care if people dont understand what i did. its art, some people understand it, n some people make understand it. not all judge good in art competition, they just guest from thier soul. even a good painter or artist took many year to be famous..

i love nature, i love forest, waterfall n so on. i'm kampung boy, n was born at small village with lovely mother n father. the malay house in an orchard is my 2nd art work. n my 1st art work is oil painting n its name UNITED, lovely painting. why? hahha its lovely painting.......i will show u later

this painting about feeling, touching, soul. we always hav 2d 0r 3d art work, but i make 4d work, u can feel, touch, listen, and see. its all about experience. when u baby, u try to know everything, how the trunk feeling, how stone feeling, rough or smooth. even when u go to waterfall, what u like to do. then the grass, forest n of course malay house.

so here, u can touch my art work,feeling, touch, even grab it. my intention is......when u touch it, u can feel the real thing, then go deeper n u will know me. i'm honest with painting or art, its like me too. when i miss u, i will miss u. u can feeel my soul, my heart, my nice smile even my lovely talk.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

live from office

hope can meet u again..


Somewhere in the back of my mind
Secretly I know you will find
Me amongst the blushing and glow
Deep beyond the things I don't show

Mystery's a beautiful thing
What a gift a woman can bring
Never let it out just like that
Let him slowly figure it out

How can a flower bloom
Just over a day?
And at night
You gotta let the water drain in

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

You were like a power of nature
Telepathic beautiful creature
Understanding all of my weakness
Patient, loving, knowing you'd reach it

Cynical and hurt was just me
You were never supposed to be
Part of what I would call amazing
Took so long to finally see

How can a flower bloom
Just over a day?
And at night
You gotta let the water drain in

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

I see the way the wind blows
Like open minds for us
No complicated barriers
To hold us back

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

routine n way to office

everyday, i wake up around 700am n take shower to office. normaly i arrive at train station around 8am. so i will arrive at klcc train station around 830am. one thing nice is i always saw someone in the bus. hehhe. that person very nice, beautiful eyes, but i'm not brave to say hi. maybe just like in my heart. ahahha

sometime i'm bored with this routine, nothing special, i walk to much to office, fed up with traffic jam at jalan ampang, even too much car on road. maybe this day i'm happy for this area, but i dont know later, i'm sure my tears will pond in my eyes everyday. thinking until i found replacement. i'm strong n i believe i can do it. even i fed up with new office. i dont know what happen to my future life. i planned well but the God decide what i should facing. i love working at SAA. i already started my life or myday with good, go gym n so on. even i dream i can buy car, make driving lisence, n save some money to travel.

honestly, i wanna hav my own car n drive hari raya to hometown. not proud myself, but to show i hav progress in my life. but its like just dream. i work hard always....thats why i give, most my university already hav car, driving lisence, even gf n bf. but me...nothing at all. my career still not progress. i nlove myself....n i always try wanna be a good one to everyone around me. nowdays, i wish i can turn my time someone i love, i miss n my friend b4 like haida, nadzim n kak farah. its too hard......i will continue my life, hope one miracle will happen to me.

i will missing you

Every meeting finally will end with separate. In my heart, those came in my heart, even its make me happy or bad, i will never forget them. i'm standing on my foot this day because all of you. support me, advise me, care me even mad on me. i love that. except my family member, i love all my friend. this day i'm quite busy with work, until i dont hav time for myself. the day move fast, even i dont remember the date, because i'm happy with my work n my lovely friend around me.

i know my work hard b4, stress until i got sick, fever n cough. but one thing i will sad n feeling lose is my best friend will moving soon.

"Hey sweetie. Just checking mail before going to bed. hope you are feeling better. The movers are coming in on Monday to start packing and will take 3 days. we will be staying at the Traders hotel from Sunday night and then leave the next Saturday, 7 march. Hope you can come spend a night with us at the hotel before we leave. i will give you more info soon. Big kiss and feel better"

to tj and patrick, both of u always in my heart. we will meet later, or next time. i'm enjoy cooking with u. go out together n even more. this experience i cant get or find from another person. i love cooking. i love everything what we hav done. The god know, what happen at future. i wish u always happy .i will miss both of u. many people using me b4, but both of u treat me well, until i felt owe with u many thing.

dont forget feeding my pond in this website

happy birthday to robert at singapore

just wanna say happy birthday to my lovely friend at singapore, robert. wish u happy n always smile. u not alone there. heheheh.long life n dont forget swimming...miss to swimming with u.....thats swimming pool very deep actually. hav a nice day ok

Sunday, February 22, 2009

now we are free

i breathing deep in my heart, close my eyes n smiling for the entire of my life. i'm free for the glory. i'm happy n lucky, maybe the God know my mind. maybe that the last time i meet my friend, Eren. my swedish friend.

forget about it, i hav one my hand drawing. not painting but my hand works. i love that. in my life i hav 2 art work. one is the oil painting, i gave to my mother n second..still with me. maybe for people its not valueable.....but for me..i love that because that my soul, n my lecturer also love it. its about a house in forest. malay house in the forst close with river from waterfall.........u can touch it..u can feel it....hmmmmm we will see later.....i love it......

Saturday, February 21, 2009

secret of life

in life, we always consider many part to take care, even which one most important.of course the most important is loving urself. i love myself, i love what i hav now.......i'm lucky n love myself because many people give me support, help even spirit of life. its make me more mature.

in part of family. maybe i can say the whole family love me, even my relative. i miss my mother n father. they know i can take care myself......" sometime" i lost but nevermind.yeah i hav lovely family..even sometime hav prblm

in part of friendship...i hav many friend around me. i'm lucky n i love them. should i write down my friend's name here? let me, patrick, robert, sharifuddin, anthony, eren, luigi, ali, amir, ferhat, alex, haris, syclla, manu, nazim, haida, farah, usop,ikhwan, ise, sami, n many many many. some of them my soul friend, my ex officemate, n some already leaving me. thats life..part of life. every one hav destiry n glory...but once u in my heart, i will never delete it.

in part of love......hahha this part very difficult for me. i just can say no comment. looking at another people hav thier own partner, happy n always talk about thier bf n gf, i feel jealous sometime.some of my friend will start marriage soon. they want better life with thier partner. also with me...but i'm stil single. if nobody want me its ok, i should love myself........hmmmmm we will see later.

in part of work.....hmm i only can wish something miracle will happen on me. its hard ...i dont kno how to explain, even if i explain to my mother n father, they not understand too. i was talking with taxi driver, he told me, i'm lucky enough because to compare with indonesia worker they more hard life....hmmmm yeah i know. but i'm tired..i want "life" . when i discuss with my roomate about resignation, he told me dont be stupid, you still young, if u feel tired in 2 years, everything will gonna ok.n i say ok.maybe i should listen their advise.its hard .everyday go home at 12 midnight.even sometime saturday i'm working.thats part of my work life.

in part of body, time for gym anymore.....still fit n ok. i love gym..very much, running, n so on. i only hav one friend from gym center. his name anthony.thats all. hehhe i wish i hav time for coffee with u again. since i move to new company, i'm too busy anthony. no time to talk with others...i like work out alone. i remember now, i hav one friend gym instructor n also fadhil. nice to know 3 of u.

thats secret of my life.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my work for now

today ...i'm so happy because yesterday force me to go home early.....he sympathy with us.......yeah, so relax today

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the lovely of sun

the lovely of sunlight

This morning, I woke up early

Facing the outside of windows,

Look at the world,

Look at myself, n future.

When the sunrise show the light,

Look at the sky with the nice vista,

With nice cloud, moon n star

N the bird singing, flying freedom

It’s like, my life full with colorful of thing

But suddenly the wind blowing my face,

N the white pearl moving

I love that vista……

I love that sun, I love that sunlight

I love the bird

I love what I have now,

Even I can see, I can taste, I can talk,

I can walk, I can smile

But who know what I want ….

What I feel……

I wish I can see n share that vista

How beautiful it is…….

How colorful it is

How warm that lovely sunlight

With someone I like n love

But I realize, where ever you go,

Where ever your located, or stay

The sunlight always there, every where on this earth

So, if u misses me

Wakes up at the morning n see the sunrise…

Its means I’m there with u n I will always be with u.

That light will bring u the warm of me

The colorful of my heart

The shining light seems like my shining smiling face.

I’m sure i all of u will smile.

13 day b4 march

many thing happen this day....i know i'm afraid to continue this life......i know its hard time for me, even its really though.i know every thing happen its come from God,n i " redha" or i accepted it.

with too much work, n count the day by day.........i cant sleep with well. many point here, like one month working at new office, 1st salary, hav some guest to meet, but someone will go from month without wok really make me crazy n effect me a lot for this month. i'm still can survive.....i got the job, but its too hard.

even yesterday night i'm sleep at 430am. i try to sleep but i cant...too much thinking. some people go n leaving m, n some people come back to me...but the real thing is...what i should do? i know the chance in my hand, only me create the situation, but i'm afraid to open or start with new life again. knowing new people its hard. most will hurt us.

life is really short, i think just yesterday its happen. something nice, something make my life better. hmmmmmmm.i know i should not wrote this thing here, but only this way make me feel better.although i'm look strong but my tears always moving when i'm thinking of myself. i'm give up, fed up n tired with this life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

the record 1145pm....back home late today.

i wake up early today with fresh body because went to gym yesterday. a little bi tired n stress with office work..all rush, rush n rush. i enjoy there.but this morning, i'm busy design for masterplan at maluri area,close to cochrane road.....trace the photo to cad file n make measurement. then start study for macro n micro at that area. so busy work today. we thought our boss want that output on friday, but another boss wanna us finish tonight. thats why i was late to home, n waiting the file attach because our real bos at dubai n should send it to dubai.

lucky because nazmie was sent me to klcc, my x-university mate. so tired actually n hungry. so stop at restaurant n eat mee bandung. everyday i ate mee bandung because that only food i like for at night. hmmm still hav work to finish at home.

this evening eren my swedish friend contact me again because he need my help.i dont know i should meet him or not, but now its like important thing to meet. i was give up with him n really i dont want hav any relationship with him anymore even as friend. i'm happy with myself n i love myself.i hope everything will be ok.

arrived at home around 1245am, change office clothes n wear short pant n ready to sleep. like a routine, b4 i sleep, i must read some news, check email because i dont hav time to do that at office, even i hav internet connection at office. so busy.just do it some special work n ready to sleep soon.

i'm give up n try to find solution because this company too good for me. even i hav nice memory around that area........i was worked that area b4.......n now i hav another memory that place.........i dont know, how long i can facing this feeling....i love the branches of tree, the shading of pedestrian, the soul of house that area n of course someone stay that area.

i cannot cheat myself.........i cannot stop my feeling to say.....i hav nice memory there, especially running in rain together n our clothes wet. n not forget joshua, luna, liz, n winston. oh my god.........i just got small happiness from You but now You took back from me. but i'm hapy although its just for 3 month. i learn a lot, i was felt about friendship, i understand about life, i tasted about food, i got a big love, n care. its already enough for u. i just wish i can get another chance for next time. n pls ignore myself to meet someone will hurt me. thanks God.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

love bite

everyday i using train to go office. so many attitude of people in trend. some look very handsome, some look ugly, nice, sweet, smell bad n sexy. i'm in sexy categorize. hehehe lol. oday, i saw one couple......i was wrote about valentine yesterday, so this morning i saw love bite at her bf. she was good looking girl but her bf not so nice. i'm sure she is hot gir;l n maybe her bf hot too...hahaha. but the point is....i want love bite tooo. hahaha lol

sometime we always wish n dream to get something. something nice, or hav chemistry with us. me too. honestly i always wish to find someone nice beside me in train. even that person girl or man. last week, i saw one person very nice...oooh gosh, i want close with him. but he at another entrance in train. he look gorgeous, sexy n of course hmmmmmmmmmm. i was give up because i'm far from him but still wish he come closer beside me. in train i must past over around 9 station, so people in train always moving, go n out...... so b4 another one station, i was suprised because that guy already beside nice.....hahahh at least i got a nice day. all this thing t only for a while, why not i hav someone nice for forever?

yesterday also i saw sweet malay girl sit down in train, hmmm he look nice n lovely too....but i only stand n she only sit down, i also wish can stand closer with her too. suddenly one older women come in the train... the nice things is she was stand up n give way to the older women sit on chair. woow..see...she really nice girl. wish i can be her friend. wish can meet for next day or next time.

thats happen everyday in train, sometime i can say love is like a train , n will stop to another station with different person. thats life, everyone hav thier own destiny, we met n leaving. i think this life also like a train, when u meet someone nice, he or she only for a while in ur life, n when the train stop , she or he will ggo n leave u for thier own destiny or way. i hate leaving, i always wanna stay in train aalways, although the train stop at different station, i hope i always still inside n never go out. thats friendship.

hmmmmmm.i will miss n missing someone soon.

1st day back home early

since i move to new company, i never back home early, but today is my 1st day i go back home at 6pm. i was discuss with my friend at office and asking them "how all of u can go back home sharp at 6pm?" so jealous, i always go home around 9pm because too much work this day. finally my work finish n drawing submission in progress soon.

i went to gym, so crowded with people. i miss gym after one week not go there. yeah, a little bit tired but i must do exercise for myself. hmmmmmm. i saw someone nice there, but only for see not for touch. hmmmm. so lonely when thinking of that. but thats person really nice in my eyes...ooh....

one thing i dont like about gym is many people come to gym for show off n cruising especially chinese people. too much n crazy. for example, when i start exercise, i saw one chinese man with complete office clothes walk around n talking n talking...after 2 hours, this guy still talking n talking n try to find something. so bad....... another example is..if u went to sauna at gym, almost same person go inside n out from sauna room, i never see his face at exercise area only at bath area n sauna. so crazy.

waiting the bus at midvalley always make me crazy.but i'm still remember the advise from master bus at counter, he told me, what ever bus came, just use it n dont wait another bus. so i try use another bus. actually i dont know where this bus will go....i though will go to kl sentral or some place, but i'm lucky the bus will arrive at university station...woowow i'm lucky tonight, only me stop there. many people still waiting t631 bus which is will go to university station. so the moral of story, what ever came to u, just use it n wish u get lucky from that.

small accident at morning

today, too pain for me because the motorcycle collided with me at zebra crossing. i just late 2 second, its horrible n still feel pain a little bit. lucky because the motorcycle still under control n not falling down on road. the most worry is, if the motorcyclist fall on road, n another car come..its really bad situation. i must carefully for next time. until now still scare with motorcycle n pain.

liz n winston

talking about south africa, i remember about tj n patrick's hometown, and also their cat n dog. winston, liz, joshua n luna. last time i wrote about joshua n luna, but today i will write about winston and liz. i like liz because she hav nice hair, n winston really lovely cat n very kind n humble. liz very active cat n for me naughty girl's cat.

after my friend sent them to south africa with thier mother, i miss them so much. sometime we need something in our house to create life thing in house. thats why, its good some plant, or aquarium in the house. i'm sure its good idea.

got called from friend at south africa

after a month, my friend at south africa called me yesterday. i was meet him accidentally at chinatown. so i'm so surprise because he still remember me n email me his photo n his family too. lol. more nice when he asked me to come south africa with free ticket. hahhaa

its very far acually, but nice if hav someone remember us from far. hope can meet him next time. need to save money right now. too much people invite me to travel around the world. but i feeling shy to accept it. even anytime. i dont want use thier money. its not good. better i save my money n travel around. hope i can do something nice for this year. will plan later.

just wanna share something nice from the sun newspaper, friday 6 feb

i know, as muslim we should not celebrate valentine day, even we not encourage to remember that date. i just wanna share something nice at different side. if we always think negative, its not good too, sometime we can take it as a fun or a special in one year, why not.......

" love is in the air"= if you've been neglecting your relationship lately, now's the time to put the passion back into your life."

its all about valentine day, let i share something nice.

V is V.I.P. very important person in your life for granted. but no matters how comfortable you with him or her, everyone wants to special and appreciated. so show to her or him, how much important him/her in your life.

A is for age. love has no age limit. hahha i always complain about this. even if u r 60 years, u still deserve to get love. so there's no reason to stop showing affection for your partner.

L is love. how much or how often u tell to ur partner "i love you"? if you can't say it, at least show it by sharing and caring.take this opportunity to do something together abd connect with each others.

E is for for your sweetheart at special day, cook special dishes which is his or her favourite.for sure he/she will appreciate what u done.

N is for notes, poem, messages, mms, sms, or letters. say it wih word. use ur creativity to express ur heart feeling to someone special in ur heart.

T is for's the though that counts. or so she/he says. perhaps shes's referring to your creative juices. why settle for ordinarry when you can make fher feel special? for one day, do something that she likes but you loathe. go shopping together and be the soul mate that helps her find her "solemate".

I is for ideas. think the best idea for special day. only u know what the best idea in ur mind. use it

N is for nifty gifts. roses are passe, chocolates are mundane. give her /him somethjing money can't buy like settling her credit card bills. or write her/ him a cheque to help pay off this month's phone bills. after all,most of the calls she makes are to you.

E is for expensive. if dates are expensive, turn ur room into a makeshift cinema. if the drinks at skybar , traders hotel very expensive, make a special juice at no need to go out. just spend time with someone special at home . hhehe lol

so pray for me to get my love later. to robert at singapore, congrate......finally u found ur love...i'm still single here. everyone hav thier own destiny...i'm happy with myself.


i'm so sorry to all friend, which is always open my blog to read my life. i know some people like to read n took some advise from my experience in my life. i will update soon with nice story n nice photo. my life quite busy after i'm working at new office. now i finished the drawing will submit to authority n soon i will free.

i just wanna say i'm hav anice weekend with good friend, tj n patrick. we went to colmar tropicale n japanese village at berjaha hill resorts, pahang. the photo i will put later. thats nice place to visit especially japanese village. i wish i hav driving lisence n car,so i will bring all of u there, n i'm sure u will love malaysia so much. so i'm enjoy thats trip, nice for me, release my stress at office.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

some photo at outside office

everday i'm the early person arrived at office, just spend time take photo, n feel bored...

rda architect really make me tired

this week really make me tired, mostly i already give up n fed up. its shocked me at office with many work n task. i know i can handle but pls slowly or one by one. every time in office i felt fear, worry n even never feel happy. every second is an important for me. everyday wake up at 7am n rush to train n catch bus n go back home around 9pm n arrived at home at 10pm. so just lay down on bed..n i wake up for the next day. thats my routine.

i know everyone hav hard time to live in this life, but how much i facing this? why not i'm happy or hav lover to make me happy. so lonely.people always say, u must working hard when u young n when u retired u will hav much money n can happy. can u imaging, if u 50 years old...u cant eat much, u cant walk much even also not strong to hav sex anymore.thats fun?!!!!!

at office not enough staff to help me, even someone helped me, but yesterday he run from his duty to help me because he wanna play band. its crazy.i felt bad actually, too much work i done by myself. i dont like to begging people help me. thats y , i feel bad. i know that my responsible to finish work but its like not fair to me. i also can run to hav fun...but i will not do that.

i wanna sleep n i wanna stay in a baby.....i deserve that. hope the next week will make me happy. i hope that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1st day at office

so tired when go back home n hungry. today is really tired day for me. since morning i wake upp early n get ready for work. walk to train n waiting for 15 minute/. then the empty train come at 8am, so just took 30minute, i arrived at klcc, n bus coming. so fast n happy.

today at office around 4 new people will working there. farid, zulhairy n naim. 2 assistant architect, 1 technical, 1 admin. so nice n hav nw friend. at mornong hav office meeting, n my bos gave me a project with " datuk". oh my god, its really hard. like i told u, i got datuk now. hahha
so i must finish ammendt the drawing,because i need to go site at 6pm.

i cannot back home early, but i wish i hav someone to happy n enjoy at home. i need that kind of life. but i enjoy working there. will update blog later.

feeding fish

just put fish in my blog, u can feeding them with food, just click on screen and also play with them. they will follow ur enjoy ur time play with them....i love it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

journey of life

this day, i start to make my life better. one of my friend at shanghai told me, "what u hav all in ur hands, only u can create ur life, wanna happy or not,sad or cry,even to hav fun." yeah i realize about it. i walked around, look in myself...many thing happen this day, a lot.

yesterday, around 8pm i went to gym. its late for me but i finished luigi's house. actually i decided to dont hav any communication with him anymore, even i dont want owe with him because my life later more crazy. so i done.i felt i lost a heavy load on my head.i miss him as friend but its not good for me. at gym not many people there, so easy for me to do tired because i do excersice with hurry. the gym will close at 10pm. its not enough time for me.

i miss banana, always forgot to buy it at night market or mall. its crazy, i try to find banana at jusco midvalley, sold out, n carefoure midvalley also young banana only. so i bought young mango sour, young banana sour, n guava sour.yeah i'm felt like pregnant this day.many shop will close so jusco 's bread sell their bread with 30% discount. so i bought 3 type of bread. nice.

then i waiting bus to go home, many nice girl n guy jealous. when my bus coming T631, many people fight to go inside, i decided to explore my bus route map to new office. so i took bus number B1110 midvalley klcc. its took more 30minute, its crazy. i realize, the temperature in kl at night 23 celcius. its good to walk at night. at klcc bus station ,close to avenue k, wow many bus will passing through my office. the bus number are U30, U26,U22,U28, n metrobus. i'm lucky the bus only took 5-7 minute to my office from klcc station. so its easy for me later.

in the bus, i was thinking something. last time when my office in front of klcc, i always compliant with bus. too much bud in front klcc, n make me crazy n always wanna spank me. but now....huhuhu i'll use them. thanks you bus. the point is, we must appreciate what we hav n something around us, maybe they benefit for us next time. i know, its late already, but i must take the bus to know what the point i wanna arrive n waiting later. ok i found it.

then, i saw my handphone time, its around 11pm. so i just stop the bus at great eastern mall,jalan ampang. waiting bus to klcc.lucky because many poeple waiting the bus too.
so the bus come late after15minute, i already give up, after that the bus coming.alhamdulillah. in bus i thinking of my hometown , especially my mother. hahhaha i always joke with my mother. "oh my mom, i wish i hav sugar daddy in kl, so i'm not lonely anymore"...hahah my mom said....yes la tu. she is nice person. imposible la to hav one. i'm picky. sugar mummy? no la . its crazy. jalan ampang area is high expensive place or area. i always got job around this area. i fed up actually. with traffic jam, traffic train, with many people. n of course many nice person in train n bus. ooooohh. i will easy get stress later.

i bought the monthly pass again. but this time rm135. for bus n train. so i can use any train n bus in kl, but rapid kl bus only. wowow...i can jump to any bus i want. i go home n arrived at 12midnight. i'm lonely again. my life start tomorow.hmmmmmmmm..thats life.

the way to office
option 1

train- university station to klcc station
bus- klcc station(u22,u28,u26,u30)-klcc to ampang lrt station

option 2

bus - T631 university station to midvalley
bus -B110- midvalley to klcc

bus - klcc station(u22,u28,u26,u30)-klcc to ampang lrt station

option 3


Sunday, February 1, 2009

2000 viewer february 2009

oh my god...finally i got 2000 viewer at february nice. many thing happen this day, but i solve it , one by one. today i finish design luigi's house for renovation. he from italy....just proposal. then i'm happy, n tomorow i must explore my new office's track. i means how to go there, by train or thanks for everyone support me. i'm happy n will start working soon.

also finished download new tv series at malaysia episode 4.....i live that story, like i said...i wish i can wear old english custom....n dance in ball room....hahah "King Edward".