There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, November 30, 2008

every prblm make us feel better, the pain still there but just leave behind,

went to club for 2nd time in my life

this is the 2nd time i went to night club in my life, last time i went to one club close to westin hotel, i forget that name but i went there with my friend from australia. This time i went to one club close to klcc because my friend from france invited me to go there. actually i dont like to go club, i hate that place. i'm not anti social person, but for me we hav many choice to choose in our life. i know, people like fun n enjoy, but for me, its not the way to do that. and also not a way to find sex partner or friend.

so in club , we can see many crazy people inside, with loud sound n very noisy. everyone dance n drunk. some malay guy look drunk n sit down on floor, look stupid person. i try to enjoy, but its really not my favourite thing. many people look at me, n try to touch me......of course i'm not allow them to do it, hahaha. the funny thing, everyone busy to asking my name, n invite me for dance.

everyone dancing like monkey, doggie, horse style in madagascar film. its worst n weird when u me bullshit people, like mak cik2 in the club. i just smileing at corner, n one by one come to me n say hi. but one guy took my photo, after he force me to allow me do that.not naked photo, just simple photo, that person really happy after i allow him took my face. funny. i'm not actorla.

we finish at 3am, but my friend still crazy with bullshit people, for us architecture person, manypeople bullshit to get everything they want, huh.i'm hate people like that. i dont mind n i dont care. i saw from my eyes, too bad.....a drama happen infront of me....just look n smile but in my heart..damn it.i'm not good enough?!!!!!!

thats life, crazy thing, i lost rm51 last night...thanks for richard sent me back at home. he so kind, n wish the best for him.i'm not so good lik u la

Saturday, November 29, 2008

i miss them

after i finished study at matriculation, i was study in kl for 3 years. i love them. honestly i only my classmate as my friend in kl, except my office mate. i love them very much, they care me, n sincere n funny sometime. we growth up in studio together, sharing prblm, n so on. we also stay in same flat when study n always study when exam week start.

although i dont hav time to spent time with them after finish study at university,we always contact until now.for me, they r my best friend in my life. after 1 year 5 month finished study, some of them already hav car, life, n so on. i like to tell one by one, about my friend.

ikhwan- using getz, continue study, aness's bf, very kind, patient,
fazwan- using Peugeot, funny, not available. sometime always mad
balqis- gen2, will marriage end of this year, good girl but stubborn, honest
aness- perdana v6, ikhwan's gf, funny n honest
elly- kelisa, hav bf, my hometown friend, very honest, tuff, soooooo kind with me,
rina- viva, single, nice girl, pamper, good girl,
farhana- kelisa, will marriage next year, funny girl n beautiful, honest n kind, sexy
afifah- myvi,my dream gf hahaha, beautiful, sexy, kind, but, not avaible
sapturinah- viva, funny girl, kind n honest, n so lemah lembut

elin- she hav driving lisence but no car, small girl but strong, nice n kind too
usop- hav lisence but still study at university, very family person, kind n honest
ise- hav lisence too,bowling's member, hav bowling ball, good man but sometime pelik
me-heheh, the worst person from others actuallly, i'm member of gym, travel to singapore, no driving lisence, won bowling tournament at office, single, ..hehehe thats all about me

the reason i writing all this thing because we nwill start new year, still hav one month b4 finish. like other i hav my own goal this year. but some my wish i cant achieve that.

what i got in this year
- i change to better company n good offer
- i went to gym
- finally i use my passport, i mean i went to singapore
- i went to cabin crew interview
- i hav good life, n healthy life
- lose my weight
- giving my family better life
- buy new handphone

what i cant achieve until now
- i dont hav driving lisence
- my camera was broken, i wish can get new camera
- if i hav lisence, i wanna buy car, maybe gen2 or peugeot
- buy laptop, (i hav Pc)
- travel
- someone love me n care

i hav one month for this year, i just wish i settle all my personal prblm, hav good job n life, make my family happy, become good man, i want this is as a reminder for me. i miss all of u. thats all.

i dont want believe anyone anymore

something i can felt in my heart, one feeling will make me stop to respect you...... i know.........the whole i'm at home, waiting something important about my life.......i promise with myself.. will never sms u n email u anymore.thats enough....

the cruel things always blocking my journey

finally i woke up from long dream, thanks God again. i try to fight myself ,even its very difficult for me to achieve what i like. i always try to make everyone happy with me, n i also try to not hurt anyone. in any way, any conversation also, i always care with by word, even i will ask forgiveness 1st if i say bad thing or something will hurt my friend. but a lot people dont care about that.dont be fool, rude n non civilization person. as human, dont ever hurt people unless u tell the truth.

i try save any relationship, n i hav goal in myself. sometime i never care everyone cute or not, handsome or not,old or not but i just want someone respect me, my life n my heart too. dont make everyone waiting n finally you make the negative result to that person. if u hav chance, just do it. even u dont like that person, tell the truth, close that book n open new book.i realize we never can make everyone happy, but at least tell the truth.

i realize nobody will make myself happy, except i did my own. nobody can change myself, if i'm not stand on my foot n looking forward in front of me. to be a perfect n better guy at future, i should facing this thing. what ever happen b4, i must leave behind, i will not begging anymore. no more cry, although its good for me. those people wanna try hurt me, better stay away from me. understand me, know me 1st b4 u decide to be my friend.

i know i should not talking about this anymore, sad thing n bad thing, but i want all of u learn something from my life. this blog is like my dairy of life, if u dont like to read, just close it. i'm honest guy, i dont like sharing, i hate people talk behind me, people using me to thier benefit. i'm ready to fight with everyone.

i know its like hard time for me, yeah i fight with myself, those know my prblm and try to help me, i wanna thanks so much. everyone looking what their want, same with me. i should move.....good bye to every one betray me from behind.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

good place to relax n rest in kl

i try to share something different this time, because i got personal comment from someone, he told me, "i dont want you writing something sad, negative about yourself n so on because its will effect another people feeling." So, i accept his comment.

here i just wanna share one place nice to rest n relax. i wish i can design my house like this, just a small pool, n great material. everyone know, kl is too busy city, with crowded people, n car. so, unbelievable in big city hav nice place like this...u can naked in pool, nobody care. like heaven

i know, i never hav been nice place like bali,thailand or combodia, but to find nice place in kl city,i think this is one example i can offer here. i know its very very expensive. i just want to share here.hope all of u like it.

melaka conservation house

Last week, i went to melaka with my lovely friend. This is the 4th time i been there. Like everyone know, melaka is hot state. I hav some memory here, memory will make me sad but now i hav great memory with great friend too. Thanks again. We went to jonker street n hav a drink at Limau-limau cafe. i love that cafe style, funky, simple, minimilize n trendy. i love thier toilet.

Something nice in this cafe is, they put a paper, which is every guest came to that cafe, can write some note n put on the wall close to the toilet. i read all that note. So sweet, n nice.Thats y , i'm writing here, because i hope one day,i can read all my memory with someone i love, i care from my blog. Maybe later at future everything different, but i will never change. i want ariff now will become ariff too.

we took lunch at Melaka river, i ate Mee siam..its nice too n delicious. i love the view,nice building...maybe at future they will call venice of malaysia. hehhehe........we went to melaka conservation house. thats house took over by badan warisan malaysia for model restoration project at melaka. i enjoyed with that house, n we did some survey about old Chinese shop houses there.thanks again for my lovely day, when i look back this photo,for sure i will cry n remember our memory.

those people wanna know more detail about that house u can see from badan warisan malaysia website.

Monday, November 24, 2008

sleep tight

just to share something nice in life......when i study at kindergarden, my teacher said " if u hate someone, or mad to someone, just forgive them b4 u sleep. sure 100%, u will be happy n hav good rest later" , just try, i'm sure u will get nice dream too especially dream me in ur sleep. lol hahaha..forgive my mistake too positive n smile always.


since last week, i realize many people come back to me , its like a called for them, n i feel sad n thinking again my previous problem. its related with below article...........started with my iranian friend, he called me again after long time not contact me, i'm very surprised got his call, at same time i fight with myself because i'm worry he facing problem again, because last time he called me to borrow money, as friend i should help him n i did.

b4 that, he also called me n mention to me he at pudu prison because he go out at midnite without passport. i dont want to know what he did at midnight because its his personal life, but its hard time for me because i went to plice station n discuss with police n pay some money to release him from prison, thats time i cry too much because its my responsibility to take care of him afte i accepted him as my brother n i promise with his family. thats time i only 21 years old. i cant imaging,from where i got the strength to do that. but he never contact me since 1 year ago......i think its not fair to me......

then, one of my europe friend told me he got horrible day n mention to me......... "i only believe u n u r good friend to me". i try to asking him, what happen to you"....until now he never answer to me. as friend i'm worry, n afraid if something happen to him although he never do what he promised to me.i dont mind about that,i dont care about it anymore because i'm tired to asking. then, as human we always do mistake, i'm not perfect too, i'm not good enough too, so be honest in everything n confident when do decision.i realize i'm not good for everyone, at least i'm not hurt anybody.......n again it is fair to me?

many thing happen to me, i try to make all people happy, i know i hav chance to reject or delete everyone which hurted me, but i'm not that kind guy, because i know one day they wll know, who thats person care about them or honest with them. i never asking to pay me back even money, i only neeed respectation, friendship, believe n most important is clean heart.

yeah one of my friend anthony said.."let it go,let it go, let it go"....but i cant miss all of u even u not miss or care me.........and i remember another friend, Tj gave me advise, "see this day"........ from my understanding....."see what u got today, people around u, ur job, environment n u manage to be good at future.....( it is right?). n not forget my friend at n be happy......yeah i should happy to continue this life.......nobody care u, just move on, n leave bad people at behind. no need care them, because they never care about u......

b4 i'm finish this article, i really sad because when my Iranian's sister marriage, they never inform me. its really hurted me......they accepted me as their family word to say anymore.....i love all of u, n i miss all of u, i'm here for all of u....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i'm not good enough, i'm not perfect, i'm not mature

just some word to say, some word to share, n the truth of at photo n u can read

feeling lonely

i'm not happy actually look at my blog without my photo, i love to see my smile photo, because its gave me many motivated n make me happy but. people say" we think the day will hot until the evening, but its rain at the afternoon"

this some photo from my visit at singapore, i miss that because this is my 1st time go out from kl, n 1st time i'm use my passport after many person canceled to bring me out from kl.i hav best friend at singapore, i'm not shy to tell all of u, but i'm proud. thanks actually

one thing i wanna remind me here is pls dont forget me ,if u move to another country.........when i thinking about singapoe, i will thinking of u as my best friend.i'm happy at singapore, visit many place, i learn a lot actualy from my visit,wish u come to kl n become my friend.......pls care ur health too.

like u say, everyone hav thier own way, i wish u will happy later, just tell me if u need myhelp.i'm here n ready foru n everyone.

time ready to go back kl

under the esplanade,for youth

waiting at garden in singapore

waiting at garden in singapore

in the esplanade

i love this one, dinner at turkish food,nice food, nice place....i miss everything....

still office work

this is the 2nd project i did at office, art school at johor. actually this project already finish by another my office mate, so this my work for the same project. its quite challenging for me n i learn a lot from this project especially for colouring n conceptual presentation.

one thing i really feel happy after hard work n stress, my boss told me, the 1st photo( the last one in this article) its perfect, no need change anymore for the concept. that time i just finish that photo to edit n touch up. i'm smiling n happy, at least someone appriciate it about my work.

then the next photo, its more easy for me because i know his taste or style.yeah this all my work as assistant architect. sometime no time for rest,nobody understand it,even my family to. thats why i'm still single, heheheh. just kidding. nice project, nice people working with me, n i really appeciate that.

but how long i'm in this field, its hard work, but i love it. this company also good for me. i learn a lot.juust waiting the result later , maybe this end of year.after vsubmit 21 project in one week, i got new work on friday, hope the submittion still long time. i wanna rest in pool, or with someone i love or desire. to hard this day, no time....i dont know..........

too busy with work

this day many people asking me why i really busy? why i'm not online for chat? why i'm not online or reply email?why i'm not sms n not reply for them, why not go out for dinner n so much compliment, but something felt regret is my personal trainer always call me to booking me for training at gym.

this is some my work at office,to share with all of u. i know its confidential, but its just some from many board , my work at office. this 2 week make me busy although a fast or a cyclone gossip about terminating people in office very strong. i dont care i must finish this work. this project at india actually, i just compose it in presentation board for my architect. very difficult to me because many thing should change n follow his style. but finally i finish it. i always fight for myself among, work, job, friend, life n family. i should care everything , somnetime need to cancel many dinner. lol

but i'm still lonely here, i always think my past memory, with someone i remember. sometime feeling sad, because always asking myself, did i do a mistake although i know i never did mistake. i try to let it go but, i miss everyone close to me, someone talk with me , laughing n of course care about me.

working life make me stress, n got the news about terminate people in office, i just be ready for everything, i'm stress but i dont care about it. i must go n dont look behind anymore. i'm lucky because some my previous friend will visit me later. i wish i hav time for them...too much work n no free time for myself

Thursday, November 20, 2008

luna and joshua.....lovely dog

I know all Muslims always worry to touch dog, but its not sin actually. i love all pet also dog, i wish i can touch it because its difficult for me to "samak" after touch that. i dont want talk about that for now , because i hav some good article after my story later..

i just wanna say, this dog very means to me, Luna n Joshua, i just wanna put in my blog, as my memory as record, something i love, something i'm laughing look at them. this dog is my friend's dog. its like a baby, u care them, give them food, n so on. but luna n Joshua will send back to South Africa because hav some prblm at here. yeah we always feeling sad when we missing someone, me too. its difficult time, when u lost someone close to u, even u bought some stuff, n people stolet it, same what i'm feeling.

i can felt the owner feeling, no more fun in that house, no more noisy voice , but we must continue this life.when i got that news, i really sad. Although 3 week i know them, but they very good dog, listen the instruction, naughty, fun,n of course always come to me n i always move my leg, hahaha.i will update this article later, but one thing i wanna advice to everyone, spend ur time with someone u like, someone u care, b4 that person will go forever. hav quality time, thats only can give u memory when u remember them.

Dogs in Islam

Traditionally, dogs have been seen as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against most contact with dogs. Unfortunately, many Muslims have used this view to justify the abuse and neglect of dogs, even though cruelty contradicts the Qur'an's view that all animals form "communities like you." We are pleased to present several articles examining the place of dogs in Islam.
Animal Abuse and Welfare in Islam
by Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker (BVMCh),
veterinary surgeon

Animal abuse, cruelty, and/or neglect form part of the many social ills plaguing the Muslim community.

Last Ramadaan, I wrote an article highlighting the phenomenon whereby misinformed Muslims took their dogs (and/or cats) to the animal hospitals or mobile clinics during Ramadaan, to have them put to death by lethal injection. The reason given by the majority of these Muslims was that Islam forbids them to keep a dog. Also encountered was when an animal that had been ill for a prolonged time and the disease had progressed to an almost terminal state was it only then brought in for veterinary attention. When asked why they waited so long, the Muslim owner would use Islam as a reason, stating that it is not permissible to touch a dog. This still happens.

Alhamdulillaa, during this Ramadaan, there has been a significant reduction in the number of Muslims who have gone to animal welfare organizations to have their animals put to death.

However, cruelty and neglect of animals still occur daily throughout the world. The approach of the holiday season sees many animal welfare organizations get an influx of dogs and cats brought in to be put to death during this time. Healthy, happy animals belonging to Muslims are also brought in to be put to death. This is a very disturbing and un-Islamic action. If one cannot afford to feed, shelter, and maintain one’s animals, and a new home cannot be found for them, take them to one of the many animal welfare organizations where there is at least a chance of the animal’s finding a new home. The real tragedy is that many of these Muslims still do this in the name of Islam and openly express such ignorant views. This contributes to propaganda against Islam. When a non-Muslim is cruel to an animal, it is considered an individual’s action, but when a Muslim does it, non-Muslims see it as an Islamic practice.

I cannot overemphasize the need to have one’s cats or dogs sterilized. Having pets sterilized would help to prevent unwanted litters, thereby reducing the amount of unwanted animals. It is much better than abandoning the animals, which many Muslims are also guilty of. Abandoned pets cannot fend for themselves, with the result that they starve and experience untold suffering, cruelty, and an eventual, agonizing death.

All animals are a part of Allah’s creation and belong to Allah (swt). Muslims are custodians of this beautiful planet. How we care for animals and what we use them for we will be accountable for to Allah (swt). All of creation is Muslim, submitting to Allah’s will—only man and jinn are granted a freedom of choice. So yes, even animals are Muslim.

In the Holy Qur’aan (S4:36) we are advised to do good to “… what your right hands own …” According to the commentator Imaam Faghruddin al-Rhazi, this refers to all those who have no civil rights, including animals. Thus, the verse lays down the duty of being good toward animals.

All things “…have been created for you ...” for our benefit (S2:29). It thus becomes our duty to protect, employ with dignity, and promote the well-being of any animal in our care. In this way, we are expressing our thankfulness to Allah (swt) for His blessings in a practical manner. (Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society, Mawlana F.R. Ansari, vol. 2, pp. 125-126)

Every animal has been created for a purpose. It is a duty upon every human being to respect Allah’s creation. If we ill treat any of His creation, we will be questioned about it on the Day of Judgment. Sayyidina ’Umar (ra) was very concerned about the animals during his rule as Amir or head of the Islamic empire.

Let me clarify a few myths and make a few points:

1. It is NOT haraam to own a dog, though it is not hygienic to keep a dog in the house.

2. It is NOT haraam to touch a dog or any other animal. If the saliva of a dog touches you or any part of your clothing, then it is required of you to wash the body part touched and the item of clothing touched by the dog’s mouth or snout.

3. It is incumbent upon all Muslims who own animals, whether for farming or work purposes or as pets, to provide adequate shelter, food, water, and, when needed, veterinary care for their animals. Arrangements must be made, if one is going to be away from home, to have one’s animals taken care of as well.

4. It is haraam to keep a dog or any other animal on a short lead for long periods without food, water, and shelter. Dogs need exercise and are social creatures who form organized “family” structures in nature. Dog owners therefore need to spend time daily with their dogs.

5. It is cruel, and therefore haraam, to keep any animal in a cage so small that it cannot behave in a natural way.

6. Fireworks cause untold suffering to most domestic animals because of their acute sense of hearing.

7. It is haraam to participate in any blood “sport,” like dog fighting and trophy hunting.

No animal has been cursed in any way. Animals are referred to in many instances in the Qu’ran. In Surah Kahf, mention is made of the companions of the Cave and their dog. (S18: 18-22)

We would love for Allah to bestow His mercy upon us, so let’s show mercy and compassion to all His creation. This will also give non-Muslims a true reflection of Islam, aiding da’wah.

There are many Muslims who care well for their animals, and this article is aimed at those who are misinformed.

The appeal goes out to those Muslims: Please do not abuse or neglect any animal. This gives a distorted picture to others who are not Muslim.

May Allah be pleased with our efforts.


1001 countdown in my so nice

hi, i'm late tonight going home because too much work n tired, but when i open my blog, i'm so happy because 1001 people was opened my blog n read, its nice actually. i will try as soon as possible to update n posting something benefit to everyone later, i just wanna share with all of u something, which is u can judge me, i'm bad or not, or i should not do that.

its happen for everyone, sometime its annoying me. i don't care to write here,because i want u learn from other mistake. people always use me, sometime i think i just a toy for them. but the reality is i like to help everyone. share prblm, use my smile to make everyone happy.

i wanna share this conversation, how much people believe me n at same time,people use me. some infomation i should hide, not good to show at public.. ...

alirezaroshan says:

hey dear

alirezaroshan says:

u there?

ariff says:


ariff says:

how r u?

alirezaroshan says:

im fine

ariff says:

yes i'm here

alirezaroshan says:

can u help me?

ariff says:


ariff says:

what i can help u?

alirezaroshan says:

plz go to my porfaila in --------

alirezaroshan says:

ariff says:


alirezaroshan says:


alirezaroshan says:


ariff says:

check ur message or what?

alirezaroshan says:

are u in my profail now?

ariff says:


alirezaroshan says:


alirezaroshan says:

got to my massgeges box

alirezaroshan says:

go to massge box

alirezaroshan says:

open my forst massge

alirezaroshan says:

any ______ send a massge for me

alirezaroshan says:

dont have pic

alirezaroshan says:

see it?

ariff says:

ok yes

ariff says:

hi, nice pic.________(privacy) , i would like to see you next time. keep in touch

alirezaroshan says:

ok plz send for that ths text

ariff says:

the message say like that

alirezaroshan says:


alirezaroshan says:

i know

alirezaroshan says:

plz send f______ this text

ariff says:

u wanna me reply 4 ____________?

alirezaroshan says:

hey ....tanx for ur massage ....if u like to meet and chat add me on msn .....cuz my _________ have a problem in cant send another massge for u waiting my msn id ______________(privacy)

alirezaroshan says:

plz send it

ariff says:

ok i will

ariff says:

u r lucky

ariff says:

many _____ (privacy) wanna meet u___(privacy)

ariff says:

so jealous

alirezaroshan says:

tanx dear

alirezaroshan says:

send it dear?

ariff says:


alirezaroshan says:

tanx so muchhhhhhhhhhhh

alirezaroshan says:

ariff says:

thats all?

alirezaroshan says:


ariff says:

thats all?

ariff says:


alirezaroshan says:

no baby

alirezaroshan says:

realy tanxxxxxxxx

alirezaroshan says:

to help me

alirezaroshan says:

ariff says:


thats all i wanna share with u...hehehe dont afraid to chat with me......n urself, dont use poeple, be honest.i just wanna say here, i miss all my friend, which chat with me, meet face to face also people i never show his or her photo to me b4.i respect ur identity, i believe one day people will respect my life too. yes i was chat many people without photo or face b4, i helped them n they leave me.its ok..i know i just waste my time, but i really sincere to help everyone.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

short listed for termination

i'm suprised...i dont know, what should i write here...i need to hide this thing, from where i know this thing?from any source...just wanna say, i was short listed to terminate soon at office.looking for new job

Sunday, November 16, 2008

continue from wake up from sweet dream

hoping the light will lighting my life with good

Talk about work,recession make everyone going crazy. its happen to anywhere, not only at malaysia also all country. 2 days (friday) ago after having small "makan- makan" with all stuff at company, one of my friend was called to bos room, talking about recession. she is good person, maybe she come late to office, i think its normal for architect fim, but she did work well, i really salute her.nice work n very comited.

actually,i really busy with work this week, so i dont know what the latest news in office,i just do it my work until i dont hav feelling to know what going on in my office. then after my friend went to that room, many people come to asking me why, so i just asking them back why? what wrong ?lol

then someone told me, the company will terminate 12 people n they will meeting yesterday(saturday). oh my god..i really dont hav mood to do my work because i just move to this company, n still probation. only more 2 week to confirmation it, so the percentage to terminate me is high,i'm mind lost n i will lost my job.

i just thinking my mother at hometown then i called her to tell my situation, because i dont want she suprised i'm back to hometown with big bag.i'm feel happy listen her monther accept my prblm n asking me to back hometown, if anything happen......oh i will leave kl, leave patrick,tj, my housemate n everything. no internet at hometown, no nice place there, i will become kampung boy fun, nothing at all.hahha all malay ...hahhaha.(try to be positive). yeah i will totally crazy later, but i should facing this, life sometime not fair, but i try to find another job, i must fast planning for my life n future.

personal life.......i feel lonely this week, confuse, maybe stress with work. yeah i afraid to be alone, afraid to sleep alone.........i miss all my friend, anywhere, any place in this world. i know sometime they dont care me, just say love from far place, but leave me here alone...i know they hav fun there..what can i do..........this life, something not fair. but i'm still lucky because 1 met 2 guy which is opened my mind, opened my eyes after long discussion. i appreciate that. n always pray for them, to be happy always n pls smile for me. when i stress, i need to talk, share n so i'm happy actually, i must be strong man. thanks again to everyone understand me, loving me.

family prblm, one of my sister (no3) just marriage 2 month ago, some member in family not agree with her because choose that guy, what to do love make everything yes. everything happen in my family, everyone come to me n sharing because i'm the 1st man in family although i'm number 4 from 9 sibling. so my older sister called me last week n report to me, that guy slap my sister which marriage 2 month ago, because something happen is her life. its difficult to me, i just told to my older sister, keep its as secret, dont tell my monther or father because i dont want my father shock again, because he got heart attack 2 month ago too. its crazy, life in marriage always like that. can everyone be patient, sit down n talk n discuss......we just human, everyone doing mistake, just forgive each other its good for everyone. no need become proud or selfish. , so until now, i warning to everyone , keep its as secret 1st b4 anything can happen. we always advice to her, be a good women, find good guy n listen my father n mother advice, but she stubborn, finally she got what she choose.

easy right... " if u hurt ur mother n father or others one day someone will hurt u back", respect them n share with them if u hav prblm. if u r bad guy, he still ur father, because u was born from his sperm, sometime ur attitude come from ur father n mother take is as lesson to us.

actually,i always motivated my self with this sentences, i like to share with u , if u not agree, leave a comment ok...

" when u leave someone, who u think is good for u,u will meet someone is best for u"

"no force in love, no force in relationship,no force in sex, so leave it with freedom n peace n find someone or something good for u"

" in life we hunting a lot people, boy n girls as much as we can,we called that as a friendship not friendboat,because the boat too small than ship.."

"pls cry when u hav prblm because the tears will take out the temperature in ur body n make u feel cool,so dont shy to cry.clean the dust in ur eyes. no price for ego or mature or macho guy"

wake up from the long mimpi indah (sweet dream)

this week, i felt is a long week for me, many thing happen, from personal thing, office work, family n so on. i will go one by one.hehehe its like chronology in film,yeah why not, i try to be a writer for film, hehhe its good too.

maybe i should start funny thing, when u writing something in blog, we always consider many thing to attract people or other word is to entertain people to be happy n so on. so i always put many nice photo (ahhaha..i'm ugly), so today i will put some photo, which is the photo will never i show to people. without edit,its real photo n maybe u can judge me good or not...hahahha

with ex officemate, i'm not ready yet when my friend wanna take photo

my birthday last year, i dont know how to say,i'm not ready yet..

also last year photo,we went to kelantan for classmate's wedding day

i went to singapore, this time my friend angry to me
because he stress with me n this
like that. haahhhaha, then this is result.....hhahahha
sory bob

also at kelantan, early this year, too bored taking photo

at singapore final day, i must take photo b4 come
back to kl,its also the result,haahaah,i'm happy because
this is last place i took photo b4 i go back to kl

too much corn should finish it, so i make something special ..haahaha

Monday, November 10, 2008

new hair cut........2:1

actually, i was think many time to cut my hair or not, since one month ago. i afraid nobody like me without hair. haahah. i'm ugly without hair, i knew it.finally i cut it n this is result.normally i cut my hair one time for one month, but i try to save my hair long, but its gave me difficulties to take care of i cut it as a new style.

the 1st person i know i wanna cut my hair is patrick, because i like his style.simple n look nice. then i went to barber shop "quick & cut" , just RM15, n ask them to cut my hair 1:0, but they not brave it, so i tell them pls cut 2:1, they still dont wanna do that because afraid got not good result. finally i refuse them, i'm happy because i make them confident n convience,its good style

when ii'm back to home, all my housemate suprised to me because its like hip hop guy...haahaha. so funny. then they told me, i'm too love the tv series prison break until cut it like actor in the movie..yeah maybe....good reason. finally i'm happy with my decision.

but the prblm is i must hold my interview for etihad airways as a steward. so itsgood for me to practise b4 i'm walk in interview.reduce my weight, read some english book, n do some revision...i will do later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i realize its very hard for me to make everyone happy with me,but sometime we need one moment to be alone. one moment to relax n rest, its the time for me take care about myself.time moving too fast, sometime its like crazy day.Day time for working n entertain office n at night to entertain people,its me....i love sleep,sleep with freedom, run from busy work, run from crazy timetable n run from life.can i dont want speak or talk for one day?hahah.......i love singing

this day, i still feeling lost, i dont want to be glamour, famous with the nice n sweet word. i'm not prince, king or actor. i'm not handsome, not cute, not beautiful, not gorgeous, nothing at all.because i'm still single until now.i'm just ariff from kampung (village). we called kampung boy. all this thing only for a while in this life, we will going die n getting old.we just borrow from God for a while, maybe tomorrow, after one month,or next 3 years i hav accident, n lost everything.... so who will stay with me, if i'm totally different......i'm sure all of u will run from me.that's why i want people know me from my heart,brain, and attitude, not only from face, eyes, lips,n body.

then, i always asking myself........what happen to me when i'm 45 years old or 50 years old?i'm afraid.i was out from my mind, out of the cage, to do something which is try to know life.i dont want loose friend, i afraid alone n lonely, but to find right n left person its not easy. yeah i lost someone but i meet new one, but its doesn't means we happy what have the new person.its hard to teach or advise people what the right thing, its like enter at right ears n out at left ears. nothing,be patient always.....

at office, one day i listen a song "sorry seems to be the hardest word" by blue.

sorry if i do/did mistake

sorry if i'm not make u all happy

sorry if i'm rude/rough

sorry if i'm make u sad

sorry if i'm make u worry

sorry for my liar

sorry not out for dinner

sorry i cant divide/separate myself to be 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4

sorry for everything

i miss u,i miss everyone came in my life although many of them hurt me too much.but i forgive u all because we just a human n do mistake.but............. why u go without tell me, why u not contact me, why u hate me without inform me, be happy n positive not the right, but solve all this problem its the good way.

i love kissing, those kissed me, they know me...who am i......i'm smiling...hahhaha.sometime good be naughty right.....sometime i laughing myself, because if my father read this article i will going die....hahah come on i'm 23 years old month 24 years old.....too old already

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

love is nothing

sometime we always try to be brave, strong, and positive thinking but as a human, we also hav feeling like others. miss someone,guilty, regret n so on. sometime when we hav much much much fun, we will come back at same point n ask ourself again....what i can get after i did this all? just to punish myself? n just wanna forget someone u love or missed? love story, we always cry at the end, n sometime we regret if we not do something we should do b4 thats person leave us, leave our place, leave our home,leave our country n also died.its same to me, i don't wanna regret at future although i think i'm not guilty in this story.why not? forgiveness among ourselves is important.if that person not start 1st, i started but..........
yeah to create a new relationship, to know someone its not easy.

i love everyone i met, although many of them hurted me. its life......but.....i dont want loose someone close to me, we shared everything b4, our private live n nobody know.........its our memory.....i cant find that from others.......totally different.
we chatted b4, we smile together, we bathed together, we ate together, we kissed together, we hugged together, ...........its nice memory.......where i can find all this thing if u leave me.......

what u hav in ur wallet or ur purse?

actually i'm waiting some photo from my friend, farhana.i dont like to write without any subject. at least i can entertain my fan with my photo or something nice to show. so,today i hav something nice to share.....after i dont hav any idea,what i should write here to update my blog.

when someone asking u, what u hav in ur wallet or purse? except ur i/c, ur driving lisence, bf or gf photo, n so on........because u bring it everyday. for me,i hav the answer.... i keep this chocolate's envelop until now in my wallet.

yeah, someone gave to me,long time ago..... someone close to me long time ago, someone help me very much, kind n lovely. this is the last souvenior from that person gave to best friend, alex from germany. ......i know i was ate that chocolate but i can feel the sweet of our friendship until now. even he not so beautilious,handsomelious, cutelious, but hav kind heart, honest heart, smart mind n of of me.

most of my friend not in kl, maybe i like to love someone at outside...when we difficult to get love, we will more appreciate it. I'm still single until now, waiting someone right to me...........we always love someone we like or admirer, but when someone love us we never appreciate that.

when he came to kl for a month,i bought chaw ketiau special n nasi kukus ayam berempah when we meet at his hotel also fresh juice like fresh orange from mamak shop.that's was a nice memory, although he cannot eat spicy food, n i cant buy expensive food but its really great time for us.i'm sure all of u, hav sweet memory too.but now ,after he moved to spain, we lost contact, i'm sure he remember my blog, hope u read this, n contact me asap.