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Sunday, October 26, 2008

the cheap hotel or budget hotel in kl

Actually ,many thing happen to me this day, i lostmy mind n try to find myself.A little bit motivate n a little bit crazy. i don't care people around us anymore, i just want make myself happy. that's all. i know my stage, i know many people love me n appreciate me so why we must thinking someone never care about us right. a lot people outside waiting for u, just be friend n enjoy this blog as memory n as my dairy for me, its not newspaper or something to report, heehehehehe. So today i wanna share something good to everyone.

Last month, one of my best friend informed me, he wanna come malaysia but never tell me the accurate date. suddenly, last week, he make me surprised because his flight "tonight". n he want me find some cheap hotel in kl because he want cut the i'm suprised too, what can i do.....he is my friend so i must help him to get the hotel n do some thats time around 8pm, its was night n he told me he arrived at 11am the next morning at KLIA airport, i dont hav time....i was thinking a few hours i should go or not, to find hotel, so finally at 1 am i decided to go city n find some hotel for him. i know its crazy, dangerous, n bad thing, but he is my friend.i should help him. although he hurting, he still my friend, thats was in my mind.

so started at tune hotel, i walked to maju junction, sogo, jalan TAR, masjid india, lebuh pasar, chinatown, central market, pasar seni, n finally kl sentral.if someone know about kl area, its very far, i saw the map..i really crazy. its took 3 hour walking at the morning. i'm lucky because i'm safe n nothing happen, just tired n sweat. i know i'm stupid to do that, but at night in kl very cold, if u walking at morning in kl, its very hot, many people n noisy, at least u do something good for u n not so hot.hehhehe.maybe got a flu.i'm finished n go back home,around 3am by taxi. i ate mcdonald at kl sentral too. at 11am i was waiting him at kl sentral n try to call him 2 time, finally he sms me, " i met my old friend in plane so i will follow him to his house, so dont come to kl sentral n i will sms u or call u when i'm free". oooooo.....its crazy.

do u think its fair for u if this thing happen? do u think he is good friend? do u think i should care about someone like this?yeah i'm cried, because i'm tired that time, i'm in pressure. i cant express much i'm spent time , money, n energy to meet him. until yesterday 25 october 2008, he dont want meet me because only one reason, his old friend wanna follow him anyway he go. he so stupid right?

then today he called me at morning, i was sleep n not answer that, then i try called him because i just wanna trick still same...his old friend took his money n never give him back. finally i told him......GOOD BYE.i deleted everything about him, phone number, photo n so on. the be bad guy, let me say this "FUCK OFF".LOL sorry.....

here the list cheap hotel n with price.

updated 26 october 2008.... 1 USD= rm3.50

masjid jamek area
1. macktz comfort inn sdn. bhd
no. 62,64 jln masjid india, 50100 kuala lumpur, malaysia
tel/fax: 603-26946211
price : rm65 -rm115

chinatown area

82 & 84, jalan petaling, 50000 ku ala lumpur malaysia
tel: 60320268181 fax; 60320726666/ 20705999
price: rm99 (weekdays)
price :rm113(weekend)

2. winsin hotel chinatown sdn.bhd
no. 1&3, jalan petaling, 50000 kuala lumpur, malaysia
tel: 60320305011/ 20315012 fax: 60320315013
price : stardard rm88- superior rm108-128

3. Hotel china town inn
no. 52-52, jalan petaling, 50000 kuala lumpur, malaysia
tel: 60320704008 fax: 60320784033
price : rm100

4.hotel excel inn

no. 89 jalan petaling,5000 kuala lumpur, malaysia
tel: 0320318621/20318622/20312343
fax 0320322342
price : rm60

5. replica inn

37 jalan petaling, 50000 kuala lumpur malaysia
tel: 60320268899 fax: 60320708897
promotion: rm78, standard :rm 98- family: rm138

pasar seni area

1. matahari lodge
no. 58-1, jalan hang kasturi, 50050 kuala lumpur malaysia
tel/fax: 60320705570
mobile : 60173902260
price rm37-rm45 (seperate bathroom)

2.mandarin pacific hotel
2-8 jalan sultan,50000 kuala lumpur,malaysia
tel: 60320703000 fax: 60320704363
price: standard RM123 - superior family rm210

kl sentral area
1.budget classic inn hotel
no.9, jalan scott, off jalan tun sambanthan (brickfields), 50471 kuala lumpur
tel: 22740172 & 22740190
price : rm68

2.hotel new winner
no.11, jalan thambapillai, off jalan tun sambanthan, 50470 brickfields, kuala lumpur
tel: 22733766 fax : 27733762
price : rm77 until rm99

3. lido hotel sdn. bhd
7a-9a, jalan thambapillai, brickfields, 50470 kuala lumpur.
tel 60322741258/ 60322741753
price : rm55-rm85


John Robby said...

Very good information mate ..appreciate your efforts ...Thanks very much.

ariff said...

john,thanks visit my blog...freely come again ok

marina said...

Thnk q sgt2..luckily aku jumpa yr blog..fuhh..!! sudah penat aku menjelajah website tapi nda jumpa juak hotel yg budget..