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Thursday, August 28, 2008

ubudiah mosque, kuala kangsar , perak

ulu yam......

bowling at midvalley

hehhe.....actually i'm good in bowling, maybe i can say i'm the best player around my friend in my house n my if anyone wanna challenge me, come to malaysia n we fight. hahhaa. so herewith i attached some picture when i spent time with my classmate, nowdays, no time to go with many people because everyone working n some of them still study, n also bowling should spent a lot of money too,but its ok...its fun n great.

the latest shopping complex in kl, the gardens n pavilion, bukit bintang

the best shopping complex in kl right now is pavilion at bukit bintang. its very nice with staircase n also the arrangement of elevator staircase. The best thing at pavilion is the external courtyard, its working ass pathway to separate cinema n shopping complex. when u sit down at starbuck at external courtyard area, u can see people walking,the wind flow n its cool. its like model walking for catwalk,u can see many foreigner with crazy fashion,clothes, style n branded clothes.

the gardens also nice,but the problem is midvalley complex already great mall for people, so no need another shopping complex anymore, unless that mall was built for VIP people. i don't think so because midvalley have problem with parking n traffic jam. why we must waste time to go the gardens if we facing that problem, better we go to the curve or one utama....many choices in kl actually for shopping complex, for me midvalley is friendly mall.

eyes on malaysia, tahun melawat malaysia 2007

The pretty nice memory with university mate have trip to eyes one Malaysia 2 years ago. Actually, the Eye on Malaysia is 60 metre tall portable Ferris wheel installation at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Malaysia. The wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur and over 20 kilometers of its surroundings including Kuala Lumpur Twin tower, Istana budaya, n kuala lumpur tower, during a 12-minute ride.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hatters castle on Carey island

I always watching old English or maybe European movie( i don't know how to mention) like amazing grace, tristan n isolde, elizabeth.....its nice......i imaging myself in the story with English clothes like conservative era. i wish i can wearing that English clothes n take photo at museum or history building. wowoow,...give me chance to do like that.

Since i saw many visitor come from Europe n USA in my blog, i wanna share with u something nice n hope you like to know it. Then I remember about my group work at university 4 years ago.let me explain a little bit, this old mansion named hatters castle. Located at carey island, banting selangor. Actually this house was built more 100 years from British when they take over Malaya (Malaysia) long time ago.

Carey Island, at an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, is a 16,187ha island that was a swamp until it landed in the hands of Englishman Edward Valentine Carey at the turn of the last century. The Langat River flanks one side of the island, ensuring it has what planters call “the ideal habitat” for oil palm, which includes fresh water sources. Carey saw the potential of what was up until then a patch of wasteland resting below sea level at high tide. He built bunds or dykes all around the island to keep the sea out, drained the land and planted it with rubber. About 40 years later, the rubber was replaced with oil palm and the rest, as they say, is history. this area actually is private land n not all people can enter easily. Last time when we study the land property under Golden Hope plantation , but now the Sime Darby Bhd take over ( Guthrie+ Sime Darby + Golden Hope) their management, so a thriving 5,782ha oil palm plantation owned by Sime Darby Bhd on Carey Island.

Actually not only this mansion was built on Carey island, but a lot type of mansion on the Carey island, its really nice....its private information (in my mind) because we try to remain our history value. so herewith i attached our work for measured drawing subject at university n some photo to share. hope u like to see.

my lovely niece n nephew

since my sister n my brother in law move to Kelantan because my sister should work there, i miss my niece n my nephew. although i'm busy with my work n life b4, i never forget them.still remember in my mind, i bought kfc for them,n shami like "kentang lenyek" n the last food i pay bought for them nando's, a month ago. they lovely when taking photo like me. hahaha. miss u n hope both of u become great person at future.

Monday, August 25, 2008

now convocation's fever at all malaysia's university

my family member, my niece n my nephew

here i put my family photo, so let me explain a little bit, i hav 9 sibling ( 6 sister n 3 brother) + my mother + my father+ my brother in law+ my niece + my nephew= 15 person in my family.

but my father hav another wife,i dont hav his new wife.....hehhehee so i'm happy with my family.they good great, kind nice smile too n or course polite person.....we just stay at small village at terengganu. terengganu locates at east of peninsular malaysia. so its very far from kuala lumpur city n next time, i will explain more about terengganu.

kl tower, chinese shop house

actually this photo took 3 year ago when i hav a task at university. so we visited the site n study about the site. all building should be record because we need present to our lecturer. so she is my friend from sarawak. funny girl, sweet n kind person. here also the old chinese shophouse in kl. thats part of my memory when i'm study 2 year ago......wish all of u like it

my work space at studio, university malaya

this photo make me remember about my working space at studio long time ago, i do painting, model making, drawing, and so on. architecture life is wonderful to me...nice n great...but i dont hav time to take care of my personality, look slim n not so mature. hehhee


terengganu malay's house

putrajaya....when i study

archi"tecture" and studio

nice..funny video clip to share all of u. memory study architecture at university malaya

"Soltane Ghalbha" (Soltan of the Hearts)

Stay at home sometime really makes me crazy, bored, tired, sleepy and I decided to find something nice in my box, yeah I found this. Its love song from iran in Persian “soltane ghalbha”. A few year ago, I played this song in studio everyday, every minute n I love that. Its like our old malay song or like Hindustani song. And the word really easy to understand n remembers. If u ask me to sing this song without listen the song, I’m sure 100% I can sing with well. At the same time, the singer’s name also Aref.

Hey friend, do u remember this song at studio last time? Come n listen, I’m sure you all remember we sang this song together. I put some lyric n the translation. I got this translation from asal, ashkan’s sister. To my entire Iranian friend, pooya, ashkan, asal, and so on, wish all ur best in ur study n ur work. I miss u and of course I love u all.

And again I just wanna mention is “Love is something universal”. Love to human, love to animal, love to ur gf,bf,sister,mother n so on. But in this life, still hav someone with bad heart. Why don’t we hav great heart, I’m sure the world will save. I LOVE YOU ALL.

"Soltane Ghalbha" (Soltan of the Hearts)

ye del mige beram beram
(there's something in my heart that it says don't go, don't go)
ye delam mige naram naram
(there's something else that says I should go, I should go)

taghat nadore delam delam
(my heart can not bear)
bi to che konam!?(What can i do without you!?)
pisheshgh aye zibaziba ( near to love beautiful beautiful )
kheli koochike donya donya
(the world is very very small)
ba yad toam harjo harjo ( ur in my mind ever place )
tarkat nakonam (dont leave u)
soltan ghalbam to hasti to hasti
( ur my kings heart )
darvazehaye ghalgha shikasti ( u break my gate heart )
pyman yari beghalbam to basti (u close with my heart compact love and help)
ba man pivasti be to chekonam ? ( u micture with me and i what to do with out u )
aknoonn ajar az to dooram be harjo (if iam far from u ever place)
bar yor digar nabandam delam ra (dont love another person)
sarshoram az arezoo tamanna
(i full of wish and love)
a yar ziba
(hey nice friend )

who thats guy?!!!!!hahaha

Sunday, August 24, 2008

young man active in society 2005

this photo taken by our society's people for our record, when i stay at college at university malaya. still fresh, youngm slim n sexy hahahaha.. here also my university mate, sapturinah n usop. we very active in society when stay at college to get point, if we want stay for next year at college. finally, we like to stay outside of compus, save budget, easy n freedom.

kuala lumpur's view from my house verandah

found photo to share with u all, its nice, make me suprised, actualy this photo was took 2006, i try to merge n become a scenery.....this view from my house just flat called pkns block at floor 9 of floor 17....... so enjoy with the photo, u can see the tm tower (telecom tower), kuala lumpur tower and also klcc tower, nice.......long live memory......big kisses

tropical architecture

this is project when i study at architecture school at university malaya, kuala lumpur. i'm so happy study with this topic because its nice, easy to explore n its can be a journal to use or reference later. have a look n read the meaning of tropical architecture....

train railways in kuala lumpur

today, i found a cd in the box which is include previous photo and file, then i found this map. since long time ago i save it because easy for me to check when i wanna go some place. nowdays, i know the exactly station without to see the map anymore. so, if someone need reference just copy n save it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

nice france song, Christophe Madrolle

when i bored at home, i got one message at private website, so he gave me message n ask for comment about his song, so i listen all the song, i only falling love with this song, most of the song are in france,so i just follow my heart n i love this song, herewith i put his cover album n also the lyric, this lyric was translate by my friend at france...i really thanks for him..finally i realize its nice song although i'm understand france enjoy the song

Thursday, August 21, 2008

thanks for ur appreciation ....JIM

J F (8/21/2008 9:15:06 AM): Hi Ariff! Sorry I missed you
J F (8/21/2008 9:15:24 AM): I was joining a web conference and I was presenting... and I could have have any chat's up
J F (8/21/2008 9:15:47 AM): Now I just finished the call..... and have to rush and pack my suitcases
J F (8/21/2008 9:15:56 AM): (I need a helper like before)
J F (8/21/2008 9:15:57 AM): anyway
J F (8/21/2008 9:16:05 AM): I will look for you when I get back to the US
J F (8/21/2008 9:16:07 AM): bye for now

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

lovely pink

trip to my bos house with kak nana

hehee, waiting the MBPJ people come to bos house for CF, i took some photo as memory, hav 2 nice hat at bos's living room, so this one its better....hahhaha. i can imaging, maybe at evening, my bos and her husband rest at living room n see environment, with the windy ...nice nice nice